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  1. Hey how has everybodies video cards still holding up? No issues since getting them working? I have an r3 and have currently an Nvidia 460m. Bios shows its there, drivers installed correctly without issues but I cant seem to select the 460m within windows. Upgraded to Bios A08 unlocked to get the capability to shut off integrated graphics then had a nightmare trying to get the computer back, it blacked screen gave me 6 beeps. Reset Cmos then totally black screen with no beeps. Removed 460m gpu then finally got windows to load. Tried again and same thing. Im assuming my gpu is fried? But why does it show it in Bios and says its working? Should I re thermal paste it and see what happens? Thanks for everybodies help in advance!
  2. Hey how did all the upgrades go on your M17X? I see lots about having to mod the drivers INF File? Sorry im not super super tech savy but how do you do this? Looking to upgrade my GPU sometime very soon and trying to have my ducks in a row on what to do when that time comes, thanks!
  3. Sorry in advance for trying to bring an old thread back to life but I also am wondering how to update my bios from A03 to the A12 unlocked on my M17X R3, thanks in advance!
  4. Hey any new updates on the 765M upgrade? Looking to upgrade my 460m as well to something more.......better haha Also putting in a SSD as soon as i get it next week. Oh and what OS did you end up with it working on? I would like to run Win 10 hopefully!
  5. Hello Techies! New to the forums and I own a Alienware M17X R3 that has never had anything done to it and finally after 9 years the HDD crapped out, i purchased a Samsung SSD that I will be receiving next thursday so just getting a low down on what the proper procedure is. I currently have Bios A03 which will not give me SATA III speeds either from what I have read and will need A08? Will the Dell Bios update work for me or should i be trying to go with A12 unlocked? Can i do the update off windows as soon as do a fresh install on the new SSD? Or do I have to make a bootable usb? Sorry im not dumb with computers but not as smart as I want to be haha Thanks in advance for every ones help! I also want to upgrade my GPU at some point which current is an Nvidia 460M, what is the best/cost effective upgrade I should do and do I have to have a certain Bios to run that as well?
  6. Hey Guys.....Mike from up in Canada eh. Got myself a Alienware M17X R3 from back in the day haha Looking to do some upgrades on it and glad i came around this website as there is crap ton on info to scour through. Thanks to everybody for their support and glad to be on here!
  7. Hey everybody, so I've got an M17X R3 that I have had for many many years and have had 0 issues with it until my most recent HDD failure, just ordered a Samsung 860 EVO SATA III 500 gb SSD to replace my existing pouched 750gb mechanical HDD. From reading many upon many forums to get the SSD to work to its potential I have to either to go Bios A08 or this unlocked version of A12, does this sounds correct? I checked my laptop and i'm still in the old old old A03 Bios. I also am still running the old Nvidia 460m video card and would in the near future upgrade it as I have noticed lagging issues with it this past year. Whats everybody upgrades too and have you had any issues?
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