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  1. I am also trying to get this bios. how does it switch from integrated to discrete graphics? after the change and when you save and exit does it automatically power cycle the computer like fn+f7?
  2. I have upgraded to the 2920XM chip with the level 3 OC preset in the bios and that alone is a huge performance gain in everyday tasks. just wanted to let anyone out there that these chips now are pretty cheap to get. they were $1k option back in the day for the M18X R1
  3. the led power indicator is different on mine (M18X R1 330W version). it is much larger and more of a rounded rectangle in shape. probably a fake psu unless there was a redesign at some point. the led should be green and not white.
  4. where is this PEG you mention in case I run into the same thing?
  5. what is the part number for the lcd screen in these latpotops? do the Alienware 18 and m18x series use the same screens?
  6. ARGH

    GTX 88om performance?

    how did you get the 880m to be recognized by the m18x R1? what mobo bios did you use and how are you installing gpu drivers?
  7. just use acitone. its cheap and works well.
  8. clevo systems were the most popular with enthusiasts before Alienware introduced the Alienware 17 series with the fancy light packages. I think when the m18x series came out Alienware took the lead. I know I switched from the clevo camp, going from the d900c to the m18x. experiencing the m18x and how adaptive it was with its6 hours of battery life when switching to integrated graphics, the extra screen real estate and the keyboard layout with lights won me over. clevo seems to be stuck in the past, though. but Alienware has been making serious errors with their new offerings by going integrated systems. clevo systems just don't look that good and their keyboards are still lacking but at least they are still offering mxm-based systems. still, though, I am waiting for an m18x replacement and hoping it comes out one day by either side.
  9. the m18x series were very popular. I just cannot understand why Alienware would exit the 18 inch platform. the m18x had all the right amount of ports and manual shortcut buttons. this is the reason I am still on my 18X R1 and will continue being on it as long as parts are available.
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