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  1. I have a few questions. which 770m card works best for MS-16F2? Clevo, dell, msi...? (so far i have heard that clevo works) and will the hdmi work? which is the best 770m seller on ebay?
  2. ok so a nvidia 675m will work great, but no card combined with optimus? two questions; do you know if the the price for nvidia 675 will drop more when the 700 series comes out? and why does the price differ so much when it comes from the same seller on ebay?
  3. It's an Msi683, shortly after i found 2 more. i thnk i know wich one is for the backlit keyboard.
  4. hi does this ms683 bios also have these fixes? 1. Improve DDR3 memory compatibility. 2.Patch some mouse post delay. 3.Set RTC default year to 2010.
  5. I have never had any problem with any of my nvidia cards and the nvidia web site is so much better than ati's. I dont know it its the laptop or not but the nvidia cards seems to stay at low temperature.
  6. Hi after i had opened my laptop i found this contact which was unused so i wonder if anyone know if it has any purpose?
  7. I'm still using my acer 6930g and its still kicking, the keyboard is in my opinion the best one out there.
  8. Hello i'm considering upgrading my msi 683 which has a 560m card to a 675m. I want to make sure that its going to work properly, so im asking; will it work? Is there something i need to do for it to work or do i simply plug it in? I found a few 675 cards in the uk but there are a few different versions; one with 4gb and one with 2gb and i dont know which one to get.
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