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  1. Well, if that's the case, I think I'll just go with the 7970M. Seems easier (after reading the guide you linked to). Thanks! Now to look into eBay. Knowing shipping here, if I order now, I'll get it around July. Might update by then.
  2. I see. Well, if that's the case, I might try it myself. However, there are a lot of brands of HD8970M - Clevo, MSI, Dell... Would the brand of the card matter, or can I use an MSI card (cheapest I could see on eBay)? I'm thinking if I should buy that - since it isn't cheap to import parts to where I live (between shipping fees and taxes!) Also, would we need to update our BIOS for this? I'm on the A12 (stock, not unlocked) version. Would it make a difference? Many thanks for your help - seems we're the only ones left here.
  3. sam91

    Business laptop 12.5-13.3"

    1. What's your budget? Also, where are you based? Laptops here in the Philippines, for example, may be priced differently than laptops elsewhere. 2. You can't go wrong with a Thinkpad. I personally use an X220 to carry around, but for your specs, you'd do better with an X260. 3. To the above poster, Dell is ok (their XPS class of laptops should be fine)
  4. Hi, I'm Sam from the Philippines. Saw this site while looking for options for my M17x R3 Alienware. Hoping I could also help others while on this forum.
  5. Not sure if you still need to know, or if you saw this elsewhere. However, what I did is this: 1. Unzip the file (if it is zip/zipped EXE - not sure, basing off the stock download until I get my account unlocked) 2. Run command prompt (as admin) 3. Enter this command: (<your path here>\InsydeFlashx64.exe /forceit) - exe file may vary though 4. This should be able to flash even if you have battery issues. Hope this helps!
  6. Hi everyone! Same here, new user, had this Alienware M17X R3 for so long, looking to upgrade from the original AMD HD6870M. What would I have as options to upgrade this?

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