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  1. No its not, we were speaking about MOBILE amd gpu's overclocking and thats what was broken with 17.7.2 and beyond. The thing u mentioned is ability to monitor and OC desktop gpu and that what was fixed in beta but it still lacks OC for mobile. And its not like it require some kind of hotfix from Unwider ( AB creator ) its just AMD that cut it off so if U want to oc yout mobile AMD gpu its only < 17.7.2
  2. Hello there!! I'm spammyspamm and I'm here to ... but i swear to behave
  3. u just need to install the alienware drivers for shortcuts to work properly then as mentioned above FN+F7 for dedicated gpu only Before U should ofc ddu all old drivers and update to the newest one with moded ini to support Your gpu remember to deactivate windows driver signature and clean install the drivers. then U should be good to go, thers only one slight chance of failure and thats when your screen goes blank an startup and as mentionet above then U need to flash your bios to unlocked one, and then change your graphics / display option to PEG enabled, that it
  4. Its strange becouse intel should be able to drive 120hz screen... when i conected external 144hz monitor to my m17xr4 runing 7970m thru dp i was caped at 120hz by intel gpu becouse of optimus so i disabled intel and went with only dedicated gpu mode and this allowed 144hz
  5. can U comment on GPU temps after this mod and how throttling ?? did U flashed moded vbios ??
  6. And yes the 880m moded bios is crucial not only for oc but just for normal use, so u wont get trottling all the time
  7. If im not mistaken A11 doesnt support UEFI and A12 and A13 does so potentially it can have it drawbacks when u try to downgrade with win10 on board Im running stock A13 with my m17xr4 and as long as im not forced to i wont downgrade u still can overclock cpu on stock bios, U just need a turbo bost oc capable one 3720 and above
  8. Yeap U need to post few quality posts and after a weak U should be promoted, if U cant wait just go and get premium member status
  9. Well 860m came in two different versions, GM107 witch is Maxwell based with 640 cuda cores and GK104 Kepler witch have 1152 cores On screens shoot U posted i can see 915 MHz on core so if U didnt oc it should be kepler But on the same screen i cant see any throtling core is stable so duno why u got worst results
  10. The crimson drivers is the way to go But remember that from crimson -17.7.2 mobile gpu overclocking doesnt work so if u want to oc i will stick with crimson -17.6.2 if some additional clock isnt a priority then just go with newest one
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