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  1. Piter Thank you very much for your time to help me. But I think we think the same, because I checked the drivers from Dell and MSI I'm looking through YouTube to find a solution for Crimson drivers to work with HD9790 so I can play BF1 which requires the latest drivers : / So far all solutions do not work : / As for the laptop itself, I know it. Cool guy that you mentioned this, it shows a high level on the form :-)
  2. Hello Spammyspam HD7970m does not work with crimson drivers So if you do not know any miraculous way to get around this, I would not want to write stupid. Only concretes interest me. Piter Hmm, when the down arrow shows off the device, why is it showing me the image, and can I watch, for example, Videos on YouTube? Since the HD7970 has an arrow and the HD4000 is also there. I installed various versions of the drivers and various cans. Every time I used Display Driver Uninstaller. The WiFi card does not crash. It just will sometimes turn off. That is why it is rather some drivers from the power profile or as I think it is a bios fault. So your reply is not helpful. I am waiting for specific models of drivers that work with this penalty and with this processor. For that I wanted to find out if the Bios I have is 100% ok And if anyone is going to insert a link to http://clevo.com/clevo_down.asp?lang=en I do not give a donation because I did not assume that topic in the forum.
  3. Hello I have a problem with the Clevo P150 I have installed various drivers, old ones, Windows 7 SP1 , Widows 10 and the same problem. Graphics card error and no sleep and hibernation and trouble with Wi-Fi long time to connect around 4/5 min. After installing the drivers most often, the laptop stops responding when the Windows LOGO is displayed. It also happens that it will enter the desktop and then a black screen will appear with the cursor in the upper left corner. When trying to install new drivers, for example, Intel pops up a window: "Your computer does not meet the minimum hardware requirements" After analyzing the problem, I came to the conclusion that it was a power problem and it was not a fault of power supply or motherboard just Prema Bios. My version is: 1.02.17PM v2 Ver If the bios is bad and you have the same opinion, then please provide a link to the latest version and explain step by step how to upload it. Another issue is graphics drivers Which drivers are best for HD7970m amd-catalyst- amd_catalyst-12.4.0 amd_catalyst-15.7.1 Or maybe with crimson you are acting eg amd crimson -17.7.2 Maybe I need to change the bios in the graphics card to the drivers from Crimson to work with HD7970m Let's know whether someone succeeded and thanks to him running Battlefield 1 If so please write down how to step by step. Underneath screenshots:
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