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  1. I had issues with this first aswell, the best way to fix this issue is upgrade the Vbios it got rid of every single throttle issue and other issues I was having with the card, a quick search of the forums should solve this, I dont remember where the link was it may be under downloads but I got it quite recently, another thing is how is your sound? do you have sound at the moment?
  2. I want to thank @sharingfor his guide for getting sound back on the 880m, his guide is for the 780m but works for this card aswell, if anyone is having issues with getting the sound working on their card, use this guide " Howto install IDT audio driver onto a clean windows install with m17x r3 + 780m. When I first installed my 780m I had a good Windows 10 setup and didn’t have to mess with audio at all. Now I did a clean install of Windows 8/8.1/10 on my new ssd. After the first reboot of install, windows logo loads, then a random solid color, system beep every 3 minutes or so. After disabling the idt audio in bios, I installed and booted into windows 10, yay. Installed system drivers, nvidia drivers (video driver mod instructions: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/2878-m17x-r3-gpu-upgrade-to-gtx-780m/&page=10 get driver from nvidia and find/replace in nvdmi.inf), but audio driver won’t install because it is disabled in bios. If you enable audio in bios and reboot goes through windows logo loading then black screen. (might have been random colors if I rebooted again) Download drivers from dell support site (they are win7 drivers but install to win10, some drivers are already installed on win10) except nvidia driver. The Clean Install: Disable audio in bios, install and boot windows. Install drivers per: http://alienwareusersupport.weebly.com/upgrading-to-an-ssd.html To install the IDT audio driver: Reboot into safe mode (Win10: settings, update, recovery, advanced startup: reboot. Choose Safe Mode option after reboot.) On reboot into safe mode, press F2 to go into bios when you see it (after advanced startup reboot). Now enable IDT audio in bios. Save and continue from bios. Windows loads into safe mode. Now install IDT audio driver. Success! Reboot. You might be done at this point! On the first reboot, after showing Windows login screen briefly, my screen went black. I waited a minute then held power button 10 seconds to turn off. Turned back on and Windows booted up and I logged in and I’ve been running successfully for 5 minutes so far! Audio plays fine. When I plugged speakers into jack Windows downloaded and installed .net 3.5. Now I’ve got IDT audio notifications. Thank you sir! Here is a link to the original post, I can confirm this works with the Clev 880m 8gb OC edition
  3. Ahh, I got a great deal on a 8gb Clev 880m, I got all the throttling issues under control but I cannot get my sound back at the moment so if you have any idea about that it would be greatly appreciated
  4. nvm
  5. If there's more than a few people who want pictures, I am planning on redoing mine soon, I can take pictures along the way
  6. Hey all! I am actually doing exactly what Newbinkin77 is doing aswell, I have a M17xR3 that I am trying to revive, a Asus G73jh best buy edition with a i7 720 16gb of DDR3 and a 5870m, along with a destop with a i7 4770k, 32GB DDR3, Asus maximus hero board, EVGA GTX 970, with 2x 256gb SSDs in Raid 0, everything running Win 10 Pro, I am a recovering WoW Addict (Not really, just dont have the time anymore) from Upstate NY, currently my game time is spent playing Diablo 3, Arma 3 and the newest Destiny on PS4 and when it releases on PC I will play it there.
  7. I loved prison break!, game of thrones is great, If you liked breaking bad check out Narcos on netflix, that is also a good show along with House of Cards
  8. my first computer I personally owned was a AMD 3800+ 512mb of DDR2 Ram, dont remember the board, it had like a 100GB HDD, and if I remember correctly I had like a nvidia 5200fx or somthing like that
  9. The best MMO of all time was Star Wars Galaxies, SWTOR was never even close to as good as SWG, a far distant second is WoW, followed by LOTRO, if people are interested there are many SWG emulators for NGE and pre NGE gameplay, nothing is as open as that sandbox universe.
  10. Hello all! I am looking to bring my 2011 AW M17xR3 back from the grave, The current specifications of my machine are; CPU: i7 2860qm Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16gb 2x8gb 1600mhz GPU: GTX580m HDD: 700gb Seagate SSD: Kingston 120gb OS: Windows 10 Pro (Just did a fresh install last night from Win7 Ult) BIOS: A12 (Dell one, non unlocked) Screen: 120Hz 1920x1080 As to the reason this computer was in the grave I purchased this computer from Alienware in late 2011 and it ran amazing for roughly 1 year until I started having issues with it, I re pasted the graphics card, the CPU swapped out the memory all without any luck, The issue I was having was when I would play any game and sometimes just using the internet within a few minutes of the computer coming under load, the screen would go black and loop the sound, and require a hard reboot, I called Dell and they sent one of their technical support people out and replaced the GTX580 with another one, it worked amazing all over again for roughly 8 months and then poof, repeat and at this point I was out of warranty, and I just ended up putting the computer in my closet and that is where it sat for the last few years until yesterday when I was looking around some forums and hearing about all the issues people had with a 580m and it seems as though as soon as people replaced the GPU with a non 580/675 All the issues people had went away and they worked like they did when they were new, Currently it seems as though the PC works fully until I turn on a game and then it again, goes black loops sound and restarts, I was able to get about 5 minutes of Diablo 3 in before it starts doing it, but I am actually posting this from the 17xR3 right now, so it does work for non gaming functions, The first question I have is has anyone been able to fix this issue without resorting to buying a 400$+ graphics card, the second is what is your experience with the 880m in the R3? and my final question is how do I know for sure when I replace this card it will work? Thank you for your time and I appreciate any response !
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