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  1. Hereforthelolz

    Gtav on pc

    This game has lost a lot of fuel for me, they need more heists and more content.
  2. Hereforthelolz

    Newbie - Questions

    Any problems still with the 7260? That's the card I'm trying to install.
  3. Hereforthelolz

    Svl07's Bios Password Problem (please help)

    Have you tried flashing back to stock and reflashing the mod? The BIOS mod has limitations so since you arent using an official release id jusy flash it back and reflash it.
  4. Hereforthelolz

    Sata SSD or msata SSD

    I run a samsung mssd in my y500 and it's the best thing ever. In synthetic and real world it is always filling up the entire Sata 3.0 bus.
  5. Hereforthelolz

    Thermal Pads Not Properly Installed?

    The thermal pads I have two sides of plastic, so all you need to do is remove it. It's just there to help keep it clean and fresh for application. As for temps they probably will only change 1-2c but that depends on how cheap and dried out the OEM's were.
  6. Hereforthelolz

    Lenovo Y400 / Y500 - unlocked BIOS / wlan whitelist mod

    I didn't know gpu-z had that interface... interesting

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