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  1. Officer Winters

    MacBook Pro w/Retina 2015

    Pretty dec specs
  2. Officer Winters

    Safari really slow

    try the 8600gtm its no longer usable
  3. Officer Winters

    Win 10 Anniv. Update: bad for 2015 rMBP 13"

    ouch i tried this with my 2008 mbp and same thing,
  4. Officer Winters

    Y500/Y510P spring mod with spacer guide

    The ultra bay cars is very sensitive i saw it bending like crazy so i took the washers out.
  5. Officer Winters

    Y510p Wifi upgrade

    I have an centrino 6220 not sure if its any better then what comes with it.
  6. Officer Winters

    Y500 Disassembled (Pictures)

    ive taken mine apart so many times i can do it in under 5 min
  7. Officer Winters

    [GUIDE] NVIDIA VBIOS flashing

    Hey guys having trouble backing up vbios in dos with nvflash?? says this program cannot be run in DOS mode??
  8. Officer Winters

    Need Help Flashing Second GPU

    Hey guys just bought a Lenovo Y510P about 2 weeks ago and I still haven't been able to enjoy it without getting a fire extinguisher ready So I have been reading about its faults and what I can do to help ease them. So far it's been a education. I have the 3.05 mod bios, spring mod, new thermal pads, paste and cut holes for the fans. The thing I am trying to figure out is I can see if gpu-z that one of my GPUS have the [MODDED] next where is says the bios version. Can't distinguish weather its the built in GPU or ultra bay. My money is on the one thats built in. So with that said (might get corrected) but lets say all thats left is to flash and mod the bios on the ultra bay gpu. When I try to save my bios in GPU-Z I get an error with some research its a mobile gpu and thus wont save my bios. I am a little confused on the instructions on how to flash that gpu's bios and what steps I need to take in order to under-volt them. I am able to under-volt one of them assuming its the one that says modded next to it. I am a complete noob when it comes to this stuff but charting into unknown territory is well...lets just say challenging. If someone can please give me a detailed guide on what do to I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Joe.
  9. Officer Winters

    Thermal Pads Not Properly Installed?

    Hey guy I recently bought a Lenovo Y510P and I am NOW quite aware of its issues but a cool machine non the less. As I was taking it apart to replace the thermal compound I was also replacing the thermal pads with thicker ones (all that I had) now my temps haven't changed not sure maybe its due to the thinker pads but as I was removing the old ones. I saw that 2 or 3 still had the sticker on the side facing the heat sink. Normally I remove both adhesive sides of the thermal pads where as these still had one side with the plastic on it. What do you guy make if this? Thanks.
  10. Hey guys Im new to the Y510P but ive been learning allot about this heap in past couple of days. The unlocked bios/ vbios is exactly what I'm after. How would I go about downloading the software on this forum. I don't seem to have the correct permissions. Thanks.

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