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  1. i've been out of the loop of a long while but i think you can mod the vbios for more voltage if you have the thermal room for it. maybe svl or someone else can help with that. i've done my good deed for the year. bye.
  2. sounds like me trippin on shroomz
  3. happy 420 guys, hopefully i can get off of work early and head to the city and have some fun.
  4. wow thats sad. the feds are starting to act up over here too, been raiding a few places.
  5. ummm look at cali weed vs aussie weed. where do you want to be? hahahaha
  6. ++1 here too. anytime your around the area just hit me up everyone except brian that is. hahaha
  7. dam i love stoner chicks!!! hahahaha just picked this up last night.
  8. 4/20 sale at head shop. yeah!!! picked up new awesome piece.
  9. i see big clouds in the near future
  10. yea it really smooths out the hit especially for whip vapes.
  11. i got mine from vaporfection Store | Vaporfection | Welcome to the New World of Vaporfection
  12. mainly to get high but i enjoy its other benefits. also i use it to go to sleep too.
  13. i quit smoking ciggs by smoking alot of weed also used a e-cig too. it really helped the cravings. but here is a new video
  14. sorry guys i'm a hoarder hahahah. yeah i seriously gotta get rid of some vapes in my collection. but the thing is i use each one differently. here are a few pics to drool over hopefully i will have some time to make a video today.
  15. i received a new vape a few days ago. once i get some free time i will post pics and videos.
  16. thats some good looking stuff here lets smoke up together
  17. looked what i rolled up behind today. hhahah just had to take a pic
  18. here let me share a bowl with everyone
  19. wow really sad to be you guys not sure what being dry feels like.
  20. at least the weather report was entertaining. mexico better watch out, this storm is gonna bust a nut soon.
  21. yeah judge judy is just like my moms but a little nicer
  22. hahaha really love that dudes screen name Ben Yankin!!!!
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