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  1. Really stunning eye candy if you like that sort of thing... Download Unigine 'Heaven' DX11 Benchmark 2.5 | techPowerUp
  2. One of those would be great at a buffet lol...
  3. YouTube - U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype
  4. YouTube - Useful Dog Tricks performed by Jesse
  5. I'm through with this...on to gaming. Nothing fancy or artful, just a solid game rig.
  6. After a revision of the Vantage mount and removal of the two top fans I was able to fit the top cover without any further butchery. Good news is it did not affect temps much at all. Did I mention the ridiculous frame rates?
  7. I will most likely just keep the Vantage cooler in this one...it's doing such a good job on it's own. I have found that the HDDBoost most often results in quicker boot times and general overall snappiness compared to using the ssd alone.
  8. The LianLi case finally arrived and I loosely fitted the parts together for a trial spin. Along with the case Coolit sent me a couple of extra parts...a Vantage cpu cooler and a Omni gpu cooler. The Omni has a 5870 backplate so I will not be using that here. I had intended to use a Boreas TEC in this rig until I saw the Vantage unit... I decided to give it a chance. So far these are the parts installed: LianLi PC-P50 case Biostar TP67B+ mb Intel 2600K cpu 4GB GSkill DDR3 2000 Silverstone Decathalon 1000w psu Coolit Vantage cpu cooler Lite-On DVD burner Sapphire 5970 gpu WD 1TB hdd SuperTalent 32GB ssd Silverstone HDDBoost Creative X-Fi sound card The Omni gpu cooler which will not be used here... If I intend to use the Vantage unit I will have to do some surgery to the top panel so it will fit around the rad/fans... I was skeptical of the Vantage cooler at first, but after some online gaming and benchmarks at 4.5GHz I was impressed with the little unit's performance. I'm thinking I will roll with it for this gamer.
  9. This particular case is one I won in a contest at Coolit and has been customized. I will see what they did sometime today. I have four Boreas's with pumps ranging from stock to aftermarket, but I have experienced no failures as of yet. Great idea for a build section as I was confused where to post this.
  10. Yes. 10.10 - The 5970 is picky about drivers for some reason. I will continue to upgrade as I go.
  11. That's funnier than tickling a dog's paw when he is asleep lol!
  12. I have been conducting tests for the past week or so on components for this build and have pretty much settled on this configuration: Biostar TP67B+ mb Intel 2600K cpu Sapphire 5970 gpu The Biostar mb has all the features I need and there are no glitches in the bios like the Asus models have. I tested two 5970's in cross-fire but decided it was overkill and not needed for my purposes. I flashed the 5970 bios to 950/1200 clocks and the results were outstanding. I will be cooling the cpu with a Boreas TEC and may include the 5970 in the loop if for nothing else than to rid myself of the fan noise. I have a custom LianLi case inbound and due this morning that may house these parts. I will update this thread as the build progresses. Newegg.com - LIAN LI PC-P50WB Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
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