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    ummmm IDK I havent decided what to be when I grow up LOL
  1. This is sick as hell!! Would love to know how this was made!!!
  2. so jelly of all the buds im seeing on here LMAO up here where we are its so hard to find decent stuff. ahh well what I do get is ok just not the best lmao
  3. well its 4 days away from my fav. holiday LMAO it really should be a national one if ya ask me. Seriously can you imagine how nice it would be everywhere LMAO we would all be way to baked.... anyways just my thoughts on the subject hehehe
  4. Awesome looking stuff there...... we all need to get together for a smoke out some time LMAO
  5. Ok so was visiting a friends page on FB and came across the pics. personally most of these buds and plants I dont know what they are so if yall do let me know. some or funny shots some are wtf shots just sharing the ones I found... enjoy everyone!
  6. I'm so Jelly right now at b00bs!!! I would love to get one but they cost more than I can afford right now. Hell I'm trying to quit smoking cigarettes bad thing to do when your dried up on the green to boot LOL. I'm trying one of those electronic e-cigs now to see how that works and if it will help me quit or not.
  7. well since you got a new one you can kindly send me one of the older ones LOL
  8. I so wanted to plaster this on all my social sites LOL but..... some ppl just dont get the greatness of weedddddddddddddddddd
  9. lmfao rofl wow just wow!!! I have to remember do not eat or drink while on this thread lmfao!
  10. Scooby DOOOBBBYYYY doooooo!!! LMFAO!
  11. OK SO NOT FUNNY!!!! gave me a heart attack first thing this morning and poor Jimbo is about to have a stroke LOL
  12. my idea of funny that an amin to a site like this has only TWO post hehehe sorry but to me thats funny
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