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  1. dam you!!! i returned the whole game with season pass. should i get the whole shabang again???? lols
  2. ummm need more jeep stuff. lols only played for a night but got bored quick. need c4/ claymore type stuff to mess around with.
  3. i think i may have all seasons of married with children on dvd, lols loved that show
  4. a show i really enjoy but haven't seen mentioned yet is "Luther" from the BBC. Wished they would have made more episodes.
  5. oh man!! i didn't even know that there was this kind of service available. nice!!!! i'm gonna gave it a try, if i run into anything, i'll let you know.
  6. No I don't. Not even sure what that is exactly. Relayed on cable mostly but decided to drop everything for Netflix and Hulu a few months back to save money.
  7. totally interested in your setup michael. i don't have cable or satellite, mostly using netflix and hulu+ for all my show. i don't get game of thrones and i'm a season behind on all the latest stuff. so far alot of us have the same taste in tv shows
  8. thanks buddy. i've seen that list too but it pretty old now and a lot of new paste has been release. these is also a new shin-etsu paste thats out too. but that one doesn't have any real reviews and is hard to order. thinking of going out of my comfort zone and trying out that liquid ultra.
  9. thanks mw86, thats the first time i've ever heard of that brand. thinking of ordering some gelid gc-extreme paste, reviews seem to be pretty good. [h=1][/h]
  10. looks like i need to repaste my system, haven't been keeping up to date with these new tims. anyone have recommendations??? i heard great things about liquid ultra, but i tend to stay away from conductive paste but if its the bomb then i guess i will gave it a go. also ic diamond is a no go for me since that stuff causes scratches. mx-4 was my go to but lately hearing that it degrades quickly.
  11. i'm not sure that i would make a killing, with materials and labor your looking at a very expensive one off cooler. i'm not officially done with this project yet, still need to figure out mounts for fan controller and cable management. prolly will need to but a new fan controller instead of using the sf-19 one just for better looks but haven't' decide yet. just shoot me a pm, ill see what i can do with the cnc and bending stuff but no promises.
  12. yeah just keeping it. can't help it, need a portable desktop for work and home. either this or 2 desktops and a laptop to fit my needs.
  13. nope its the 18", i need to buy a new backpack for this beast doesn't even fit my old bag that carried the 18x. geez!!!!
  14. haven't decided on paint yet, kinda want to paint the lappy too but no available parts atm. so for now i'm leaving it bare but i'm a fan of flashy things so i added some lighting.
  15. what kind of warranty do you have? are you outside of US? but anyways, if you think its a bad cable, use a continuity tester to test it out. but first i would check all connections to see if anything is loose on mobo and screen side.
  16. haven't done any major testing and i'm still at work. but here is a sample of temps with cpu at full load for 30 mins, tetris really puts alot of load on the cpu, lols. new system with stock paste. dam these 4940mx run friggin hot. looks like i need to repaste.
  17. could just be a break in the cable somewhere, or a faulty mobo, hard to say without further testing. isn't dell fixing this for you?
  18. i was inspire to make this cooler after seeing this thread. http://www.**************/t/1388872/guide-how-to-make-a-high-air-flow-laptop-cooling . i have a cnc router at work and some 1/8" thick aluminum so i decided to make the base from scratch. I went to my local electronics store to find the highest cfm rated fans they had and found these 200mm nzxt fn-200, later on i read some reviews on them that say they die out easily but still i decided to gave them a try anyways. i have an old sf-19 notebook cooler that my kids broke the fan so i decided to use the stepless fan controller from that instead of buying a new fan controller, plus i'm a cheap ass anyways. after designing the cutouts, i had them cut out on my cnc router . once cut, i counter sunk the screw holes for the fans. gave it a test run and everything went smooth, so i used a metal break to add in the bends then put everything together again and this is what i got so far. atm i have it sanded down, thinking about painting it or maybe even powder coating it, just haven't decided on the color scheme yet. also planning on adding some lighting to it to make the "tech inferno" glow, was just planning on using the old sf-19 leds but they were burnt out. i'll keep everyone posted when i put the finishing touches on t, but so far i'm pretty happy with it, even tho this project blows .
  19. i'm not familiar with these newer models so i can't say for sure but if its like the older versions it could be the motherboard or just a loose cable like mw86 said. you can check it yourself or just let the tech replace the mobo to see if it still happens. i recommend taking picture of the current condition of your laptop just in case the tech damages anything. $1350 is a good deal, could maybe be an outlet laptop. and welcome to TI !!
  20. how long has that person owned the laptop? you only have 30days from the laptop arrives to returned it. so your real beef should be with the guy who sold it to you in that condition not dell. right now fixing it is your only real option.
  21. throttle stop is an xm chips best friend . i'm super rusty on using throttle atm but here is the link the the throttle stop thread http://forum.techinferno.com/throttlestop-realtemp-discussion/23-throttlestop-guide.html . kevin is around most of the time to help.
  22. so wait a minute, where did you buy it from? if thats the case then its a whole different story man. you should of taking it back to here it was purchased from.
  23. Your still in your return period, so that's pretty bs of them to not accept a return. Keep calling until you find a decent rep that's willing to help. Or get in contact with one of the Dell reps on here or nbr. Also try leaving Facebook or Twitter comments at the same time.
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