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  1. Hello, I've read your post, you get error 43. I suggest that you change the switch from GDC. 14s, 7s, or 0s maybe help you. If you still getting same problem. Win 10 is still have several error, I ever try to use gtx 750ti but as you can see on your screenshot, I got error 43. So, I rollback to win7 and everything work fine. Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
  2. Have you done to comnect your egpu to external monitor? Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
  3. External display is no need much configuration. Just plug your egpu to external display and install the driver. Please check it in the device manager, if you get error 12, you need to do DSDT override. Just type "dsdt override" in this search column. Or check it on youtube. Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk In bios, please enable hot plug. Modded driver is for internal display, you need selective to choose right driver. For example, I suggest that you choose 361.75 nvidia driver that confirm optimuz work fine. Just watch youtube, I'll be back where I save my link. I'm so sorry. Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
  4. For the first time connecting egpu, I suggest that you plug to external display. You need to mod nvdia driver+dsdt override+ setup 1.x to connect it on internal display. Don't forget that HP's notebook have whitelist, pci card is better. Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
  5. Hello, In my case, I can run my notebook without DSDT Override. I just install setup 1.x and change the compaction. Everything work well. Have you done to check your notebook that mark as whitelist? Many people out there said that DSDT Override+Setup 1.x is perfect combination, but if I put DSDT on my notebook, I can use my wifi adapter again. Because I need to connect internet in public spot area. You will get BSOD if you unpug egpu. I suggest that you unplug 8gb RAM to become 4GB, if the system is stable, you can add more gigabyte. That's all my knowledge. Kind regards, Runa
  6. Just google it, type your notebook model and check that your notebook mark as whitelist or not. If no one said that your notebook is whitelist. It is clear, your notebook support hot plug for egpu. Just plug in egpu and starting your windows.
  7. Actually, I confuse to reply your post. But let me give you some suggestion. Yeah, you have bought old graphics card that depend on your budget. I think it is still capable to play game created a few years ago. Although amd bring high bandwith, don't forget to check your Gen1 or Gen2 egpu performance. Everyone said that the performance is same but I think it is depend on your configuration such as ram, cpu, and hardisk.
  8. Please check your notebook as mark as whitelist or not. If you find it that your notebook is whitelist, you should instal mod bios. Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
  9. Hello there, I suggest that you choose the best graphics card from AMD or Nvidia. Exp gdc offer recommend graphics card for you. If you choose AMD, you must use your egpu by external display. On the others hand, nvidia support to use internal or/and external display. PSU is one of part to supply your graphics card, don't forget that exp gdc allow 220W for supply from your pcie. If you need more power just plug 6 pin to your graphics card from PSU. 500W is still good enough. Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
  10. Just wondering, you did it. I also instal hackintosh in HP 430 notebook. Everything work fine since I use internal display. When I finished egpu project, I can not connect egpu to old external display. The only way is using vga port. I also try to bootflag "nvda_drv=1" after instal nvdia web drive, but the monitor show blank screen. My question is what is your video output? Vga port or hdmi port? My notebook spect: Hp 430 i3 2310m upgrade to i5 2520m Ram 4gb Dual os win 7 + yosemite 10.10.5 Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
  11. I'm back again for you. I got busy day yesterday, I'm so sorry. I just used the cheapest thermal paste under $1, because I live in small village. The result is not bad, I got 80 degree C when playing dirt3 with my egpu. I'm used to playing battlefield 2 with intel hd 3000 and psp emulator. So, you never configure your bios to get internal dispaly work. Mmm.. I just wonder, I can not do that. Before bought egpu, I thought that windows 7, the older, can run optimus as well as all people do it. The fact is I got external display. I confused and tried DSDT overide. Yeah I can do it, but I failed to use my wifi card again. So I make clean instal windows 7 and no DSDT override by changing bios (primary dispaly>external monitor). What is your version of your windows? I should try your OS to make comparison. Hey, when I set it to auto, I can not use internl display. If you want to use internal display just choose IGFX. Oh thank you. I never setting my bios again since I found that my egpu work fine in my notebook. Nice.. IMaybe I will try again later. After I realize that you are able to use custom heatsink, actually I curious to know about your heatsink. I watch youtube and someones use doubled thermal shims on the processor. They report that decreasing 20 degree C. I think your custom heatsink same as them. yeah, I'm wrong. How about your promise? It is weekend, right? Would you like to send me size of your old copper from internet? I want to know the dimention of the copper. You can give me another references such as heatsink from intel pentium or what else. Your suggestion is important for me. Thank you mate
  12. copper shims or thermal pad. Have you ever heard about it? I guest that you mount it on the processor, right?
  13. Please check your graphics card and connecting to PC.
  14. Sorry for delay reply. The weather in my country make me sick again and I just take a rest as well. Okay, I understand it. It is affect to the HDD and RAM too. In my case, I use my HDD seperately, but now I use 1 TB only. I keep my optical drive because somtimes I use it to backup my files. Oh my God, we can share playable game too. Yeah, recently I just give small fan connect to adapter below the grid fan of my notebook. The temperature does not seem cooler than before but I still use it until now to keep good air flow. Yeah.. guide me to fix the heat problem, I will wait your instructions and folow your ways to disassemble my notebook. Last month ago, I just replace whatchamacallit pasta or like glue on my processor and now thinking how can I add heatsink just like you. I can not wait and patient to see your notebook. Oh I see. You want to permanent place your mpcie cable just like PC which is staying in one place. But unfortunately, I use my laptop to keep mobility, sometimes I put my wificard to get internet access in public area. Hehehe.. it is still free, I should use the facility as well. All I need to do just isolate the cable to keep movement. That's good idea. Powered USB can handle all your device, I should try it. Okay, due to limited access for internet, I just use my game to know the fps. It is same as software benchmark but I did it with real time condition playing a game. My internet is metered and Downloading software such as Unigine is spending my money. Oh the graphics card recognize as two monitor. So you can expand the monitor. My question is can you play game on internal display with your nvidia card? I affraid of internal display just use intel HD 3000 only, the nvidia just use external monitor. i want to clarify it. woooooowww thankss. it is really help. i will activate it. below is the image of my bios screenshoot of pcie port. as you can see, all the configurations are same. Yup, you're welcome. The bios is providing all we need to use egpu. But we must carefull to change the configuration. Hey, I found the core cpu. You can use 2 core or 4 core, there are optional configuration. Oh you conduct experiment again. I just wonder to see your result. There is no significant performance like you said before. I think your configuration is enable IGFX. Yeah we can avoid of using setup 1.3 by setting the bios.
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