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  1. Hi, i also have exact problem. Now i put the exp gdc outside the pc closure. Do you think that using ups or surge protector could solve the problem?
  2. yes i ever considered to use thermal pad, but it is to low so it cant touch the modified steel. so think it would be useless.
  3. no worries mate, it's okay.. Yep, maybe i will order thermal paste first because the old one already finished. I just play pro evolution soccer and dota2 only when i have not implemented egpu yet. oh i got it. i transform my laptop now to a pc. yes, before i bought a monitor, i used my internal screen and optimus is enabled. wow that's would be an useful information. thanks mate! i set it to auto so the bios could set it automatically to peg when it is detected. i can do another experiment for you if you would. what do you it would be the best? i could try it for you and, what is your best setting, i would compare it similar to this but it is different. i used copper from another pc.
  4. well, i use two harddisks at same time, ssd for sytem and hdd for data using this device: HDD caddy(look for it on google). it lets u to swap ur optical bay to secondary harddisk. i will update my thread then. I think it's affect the bcd registry or something because when installing setup 1.3, it warns you when you change the ram or the hdd. it instructs you to run some bat file when you do so(hdd/ram change) yes because previously i am used to playing games on this laptop and it became hot too fast. I will share you the images but maybe at the weekend so i can disassemble my laptop to show the heatshink scheme. i cut the body near the mpcie port so the pcie cable could sit perfectly. i am using powered hub since i use many usb: fan, keyboard(need two usb), mouse, bluetooth dongle. i think the best way to benchmark your laptop/pc performance is to use benchmarking software beacuse it simulates the game with many feature: you can see fps, usage etc like u are playing game but better because it is standardized. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/benchmark-cpu-gpu-like-pro/ yup, the intelHD 300 seems to be activated as well. i have checked the bios and surprisingly it have not been activating until now. lol. so the special feature is off. woooooowww thankss. it is really help. i will activate it. below is the image of my bios screenshoot of pcie port. as you can see, all the configurations are same. here my score using gen 2 activated and primary display: auto i tried it twice and it is shown similar results: the first one is around 14.000 and the second one is around 13800. it might be concluded that my result is same (before turning special feature on). I dont know why, maybe it is because the laptop somehow activating the nvdia as primary display when it is detected
  5. here are the comparison between gen 1(without setup 1.3) and gen 2. there are not much differences I saw you sre using vga from your gpu to your monitor, isn't it restricting the bandwith?
  6. sorry to hear that, hope you getting well I also make external display as main display(no particular reasons, just to make the game display at the monitor) yeah, i checked bottlenecking using MSI afterburner. i dont install the turboboost monitor so i dont know wheter it is on or not, however,as long as i can remember, turboboost is managed automatically (cmiiw). so better check it with msiafterburner i suggest before upgrading your cpu. Probably it worth since most of the game now using quadcore cpu to work seamlessly. Recently, i install again the setup 1.3. Afterthat i compared gen 1 and gen 2 speed which showed no differences in 3dmark. I think most of HP 430 owner suffer the heat problem LOL, so I customized the heatsink long before cpu upgrade or this egpu project. i make a hole beneath the cpu (on bottom plastic body) and cover it with steel plate with small holes, and connect the main heat sink to this plate with used copper heatsink so the heat can flows from the heatsink to outside. I also put a dust cover under the plate to avoid dust come to the heatsink. with this tweak, i notice considerable decrease of temperature. i am really sorry that i cant find my dsdt.aml file. have searched it but i dont know where is it. I use this tutorial i dont change anything except everything the video instructed. sorry for this i send it after i found it, maybe somewhere inside one of my usb stick. wow thats good idea to fixate the cable. i ll try latter. here my setup:
  7. i also make a comparison, but in my case, there are not much different. only 100 point difference in 3Dmark (for more objective comparison). in order to recognize the port to gen 2, i just did the pcie 2 gen at the wifi port then i did the compaction. (as far that i can recall since it is about 7 months ago)
  8. wow glad to hear that our notebook is same :)) we could collaborate further! i have checked the gpu-z. it said it enables CUDA and openCL on my egpu (gtx 950) in regards of cpu upgrade, it depends on your gpu. if it is bottlenecking the gpu, you should upgrade your cpu. As in my case, when i check it when playing the witcher 3, the cpu usage was almost 100% in all cores. therefore, cpu upgrading is mandatory. One should bear in mind when upgrading the cpu to four cores cpu is about the fastboot. In my experience, when i upgrade to i7 (four cores) the windows automatically enable the fastboot which frequently hang the windows immediately after started. (well it is my hypothesis from my reading/experience since i am not an IT expert, yet it seems proved to be true hehehe) after upgrading the cpu, the FPS of the game was increase significantly ( 30-40 fps in DOTA2) yes i overide my dsdt but only modifying it for showing large memory (step 4) i think you should use powered USB hub. It is because that in my experience, most of the time when i plugged an USB, the BSOD comes, and it is much obvious when it is a power-hungry USB. some users here also reported this as well (i am sorry i forgot the threads). This may conclude that EX GDC has very unstable build. Moreover, when i accidentally touched the PCIE acble, sometimes it comes to BSOD.
  9. here my laptop : http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=5086556 I have repaint it and make several changes with its appearance so the laptop does not show as years ago. so i think it's better to show you the original one. i did not change anything in bios except the hotplug setting. about the cuda and opencl, i have never checked about that setting. however, i use extended screen/display as well as you described ( i am using internal display and external display ). i can check this after i back to my home now i dont use setup 1.30 anymore which i found more practical and only has slightly difference in performance.
  10. yes of course. you can use internal monitor. i strongly suggest you to use PE4C instead of exp gdc since the exp gdc is very unstable.
  11. previously i encountered many BSOD/hang with exp gdc. but when i use powered usb hub. it doesnt appear anymore. it maybe because the usb wifi make curent unstable i suppose?? one thing that i encountered BSOD it when i touch the cable. even some times just to adjust its position. i put the exp gdc and my gpu in case (raijintek metis) which in the case, the egpu setup is secured the position of the hdmi to in constant downward position. so what do you think the problem?? maybe in the mpcie port on the laptop? but is it tighten by screwdriver?
  12. yeah. thank you. It's great to create a custom case. I am planning to use silverstone milo series ML08. but currently i own a ATX PSU. from what i read it should use SFX PSU but in limitation, they don't say that ATX PSU could not fit. what do you think?? http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=607&area=en I read a thread here(but forget where exactly it is) it said that extension HDMI cable or the 90 degree HDMI extension did't work at all. i'll find the thread then post it here.
  13. is it needed to use enclosure? to avoid dust?
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