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    HP A10 APU 8gb

    Hello there, I'm feeling pretty lost. I have successfully converted to MBR and have setup 1.3 working. Through following the F1 help commands I attempted to restrict my APU to 32 bit space or something like that. Also I tried the other pci compaction command that the help menu recommends. I have already tried a million different "hot plug" methods along with cleaning graphics drivers. Should I be doing some DSDT override since the laptop has 8gb ram? The more I research this stuff it seems I get more questions than answers. I'd really appreciate some guidance. Thanks

    please help hp 15g012dx and 950gtx

    Thanks for the response. It's win 8.1 (not sure if thats specific enough). I have tried something like what you suggest in the past and couldn't get it to work and it kinda drove me crazy so I would like to avoid that. I have just bought a windows 8.1 recovery disc for HP's. Hoping that will do it. Also I read that Windows would automatically pull the key when reinstalling windows. Assuming that is true and assuming that I can convert to MBR with a windows reinstall then I should be good. Guessing it won't be that easy though.

    please help hp 15g012dx and 950gtx

    Nah, I haven't worked on it in weeks either. I figure if 80 some people look at my problem and have nothing to say that my situation must be pretty hopeless. I'm just starting to poke back at the project. Hopefully I will have a revelation soon.

    please help hp 15g012dx and 950gtx

    I'm desperate here guys. I'm willing to bet just about all of you know more about this than I do. Please, any tips??
  5. Hello out there. Heres some details on my hopefully soon to be working system. A8 6410 apu (weak i kno) 4 gig ram Win 8.1 Evga 950gtx EXP GDC Beast egpu thingy plugged into network card slot Alright so I spent alll day yesterday trying to get this to work. Finally I caved and bought the setup 1x but am now worried that I cant even use it. Upon running the program, I am advised to change disk to mbr and boot to legacy. My boot already appears to be legacy but im worried that if I change disk to mbr then i wont be able to reinstall windows. I have no disc. Thats my only immediate concern. I'll try to outline what I have tried so far. 1. Plugged in egpu with card and booted. 2. Card recognized (not specifically tho) 3. Disabled onboard and installed latest nvidia driverz. 4. Reboot. 950gtx recognized. Buuut new onboard graphics display replaced the last one I disabled. (The 1st onboard was R5 graphics then Microsoft basic display adapter replaced it). 5. Code 12 on 950gtx I know I have missed many details but those are the basics. Any help would be soooo appreciated. Im so anxious to do some oblivion vr!!

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