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  1. What version of HWinfo do you use? I have the 4.34 and the latest 5.4 and there is no fan Icon on the sensor tab ect...I have also see on the net exactly as you say but I there is no fan icon at my HWinfo ......
  2. I have flash the unlocked bios.....I want to say a very big THANK YOU to the people they build it.It is AMAZING it has a lot of tweaks (seems like my desktops mono menu ) I love the watt limit tweak so now I can boost my cpu at 2,3Ghz and make it stay there even under prime95!!I also love the cpu fan adjustments and cpu warnings ect...Amazing, just amazing stuff !!!! Thank you very much!! I spend 2 hours of tweaking and overclocking (I overclock my vga from 600Mhz core/900Mhz memory -> 850Mhz core and 1000Mhz memory , I use msi afterburner for this .The interesting thing is that the core has more to offer...I have seen some artifacts only at 900Mhz core which is the maximum afterburner gives for overclock.......but I didn't want to push the vga so hard..Also I noticed that the memory chips of our vga is without any cooler on it and it doesn't give enough space to apply any cooler..So I didn't push the memory frequency either.) After all these I run prime95 and furemark at the same time for about 1hour and after 30minutes I reached the maximum temp which is 73-74C at cpu cores and 74-75C at vga. Laptop is rock stable and with under 80C temps under this heavy burn tests I think that I am more than Ok ...... It gives me enough headroom to overclock the cpu more (because I have already max the gpu , except gpu memory that I am afraid of the missing cooling on chips...) I have only one problem...I have Hynix 1600Mhz ram and they ram at 1333Mhz ....I set at chipset settings ram speed 1600Mhz...but nothing change....They still run at 1333Mhz...I use other settings like 1866Mhz and nothing change....For some reason this bios future doesn't work... I go to dram overclock and set dram override 1,55Volt and set Intel xmp profile 1....make a resart and doesn't post....do that again with intel xmp profile 2 doesn't post....My problem is that I can't ran rams at 1600Mhz... Any ideas? Also at performance option there is a bclk option that says 9980 and goes to 10.301 ... Before bios flash I put it on 10301 and works fine with about 100Mhz more cpu frequency ...Now when I change that value it makes a reset on 9980 and doesn't accept anything else....Any ideas for that either? Sorry about the giant post but I am too exciting play with my ''new'' laptop after the bios flash
  3. I have seen it on internet but when I download it , it has no fan icon to control the fan or change the fan settings....I also download the speedfan but has not any option to ''play'' with my laptop's fan speed....... I am waiting to activate my account and download the unlocked bios and see the options that give and if I can tweak through that ...
  4. Is there any option that I can change manually laptops fan speed?My fan is off or spin at veeryyyyy low speeds .I use throttle stop to lock the cpu frequency at 2.3Ghz it stays at this speed at 100% load on games but when I use prime95 after 10minutes it drops to 2,2-2,1-2,0-1,9-1,8Ghz and stays there...At 2,3ghz I can see 20watt power consumption and at 1,8ghz 16watt.... So I don't know if the bios has some watt limitation or the cpu makes that throttle due to high temps...My temps is around 55-60C under full load and around 30C at idle...But the laptop fan spins very low even at 60C...I don't know why but I want to manually change the fan speed and I don't know how....Any Ideas?
  5. I have make a heatsink mod also.And then put my laptop on a large cooling pad with 4x140MM fans and an external fan like vacum cleaner at the laptops ventilation .I put one more ''ram cooper heatsink'' on the first heatpipe but doesn't take a photo.I think that it is not possible to put more cooper coolers on this heatsink.... https://postimg.org/image/98qg87dch/ https://postimg.org/image/4l96tqb55/ https://postimg.org/image/d4x6588vd/
  6. I use windows 8.1 pro 64bit but officially dell doesn't give all of them so I use some windows 7 drivers either like chipset and then update them.....That's why I am asking about windows 10... If you have done something like that or if you have found them somewhere . Anyway thank you very much for the answers.
  7. That sounds good and gives me hope.I can see that you have win10 pro on it am I right?How it works with windows 10?Everything works ok?Where do you find drivers for windows 10?Have you test it with a game to see if run smoothly ?
  8. If the unlocked bios file was made for r3 laptop with i7 cpu , I have more chances not to brick my laptop...If was made for i5 cpu ect I have better chances to damage my laptop....That's why I am asking...I also want to know what extras and hidden menus does this extra bios has to decide if worth the risk ...
  9. Hi everybody and a happy new year!! I have a coolermaster nepton 280L and I have 2 fans included at watercooling kit.These fas are 140MM coolermaster jetflow I think... I have also 2 spare fans coolermaster blademaster 120mm ... I don't know how to make them work combined and have better temp's... Is it good to have : 1) 2x140mm at push-pull and 2x120mm at push-pull 2) 2x140mm at push and 2 x 120mm at pull 3)2x140mm at pull and 2x120mm at push Which is the best combination to have the lowest temps?
  10. I found this site on google search trying to learn more about mod for alienware m11x r3 .I see very interesting things here but low activity on threads I found interesting .....
  11. After a year and something from tha last post Which is the best monitor to choose to replace the original one.I have no problem with the screen but as I read at the above post a replacement IPS panel is much better that original ,am I right? Does the new IPS screen affect the battery life? Does this mod worth the money and time?
  12. vagos222


    I use throttlestop on my r3 but after core temp goes up to 58 degrees it starts throttling again.. It goes from 2.3Ghz to 2Ghz up and down 0,1Ghz and then drops to 1,7Ghz if I continue goes even at 1,5Ghz..... And my fan doesn't go full speed or something is more like ''silent mode'' and I don't know how can I force it to spin faster....Any ideas?
  13. Is this bios compatible with all M11x-r3 models? Cpu doesn't matter?Is it guarantee tha works perfect and will not brick my laptop? Also what more than the stock one is offering?The stock one has overclocking cpu option from bios BLCsomething I thing.... Has the moded more options?
  14. Where is the mod you made?I was preparing to make a cooling mod myself also but I want to see yours for ideas Have you the i7 model? What temps do you have on cpu and gpu at idle and full load before and after the mod? Was it good or it was a waste of time?
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