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  1. as with kernel 4.9.0 still the screen backlight keys are "bios Software broken". This is a generic issue with ASUS and the bios manufactuerer. UEFI just sucks ... I use a workaroud with xrandr to change the backlight of lvds. I play dirt3 in gentoo linux => wine => windows steam => dirt3 -- regarding booting from the optical drive. works for the windows 10 iso from microsoft itself, the key is taken from the bios you can fuck around with creating an usb stick which boots, but why bothering when you only have to turn off secure boot and boot an iso dvd/cd? that feature was implemented so windows operating system may not be hijacked by a bios virus, and that feature was requested by microsoft. regarding linux. most isos boot, some won*t, but thats to the matter of sucky UEFI bios, or bad choosen kernel parameters for those live isos. you need to turn of secure boot, as the bios has only a few options you will find it quite fast -- one of the few notebooks with an optical drive
  2. I have looked into that issue, what is available in central europe. I wanted a realtek ac wlan card which basically only exists on ebay, for one brand I never heard of. Intel has issues, when I read several pages that many intel wifi chip have issues I will not buy those. Also those notebook wifi ac cards seems not to have the full potential regarding "speed" IT seems there is a new formfactor for the wifi cards which seems to be introduced in recent years, I assume with hte new SSDs formfactor. So the products are less now for my 3-4 year old notebook as the mini pcie formfactor is basically "outdated" now and dead. There is only one product with an intel chipset with AC and thats it. And that has issues in windows afaik. so linux should have that issue too than. I came to the conclusion that for my area, central europe, tehre are no AC Wlan mini pcie express cards available which work flawless for a reasonable price. One exotic card costs around 80 euro that is out of the question, and all others around 20-25 euros, which have all issues or do not support AC wlan at all. or are just b/g, without the n standard which my existing solution has. To make matters worse, bluetooth is also provided by that slot-in card. so the replacement should have bluetooth also
  3. The G75VW is not that bad hardware. No idea waht you refer to. Your post just looks like advertisment for any shitty youtube channel out there which exists. I said its linux. And that the bios is kinda broken. As any laptop in past 8 years only works in windows because they make a quick and dirty workaround with their nvidia-drivers for example. I am not fond of alienware. It is owned by dell now. Costs twice as much as an asus. Parts are hardly available for a reasonable price in central europe. I get my parts for asus from sweden for a certain moderate price. I did "refurbish" several of my asus notebooks, and sold a few of those older models. The power consumption of any generic drive which fits in is one technical aspect which is noted in the technical data from the datasheet of the drive and the use case scenario, firmware and the operating system. Means when you use a shitty operating system which never spins down the drive, use a shitty file system or a crappy drive wiht a crappy firmware you may need more power as other drives. Check the technical data, you can not generalize that. There were even some SSDs which later had a very increased power consumption in comparision with other SSds. Some drives even have no value for the power consumption at all. Regarding your comment about the power supply. When you buy "crap" like MSI you are most likely to get a notebook with an underpowered power supply. ASUS AFAIK regarding notebookcheck hardly ever had in the past 8 years since i read those notebook test reviews regularly, any notebooks with underpowered power supplies. Clevo had, msi had for example. I could imagine when you overclock the gpu you may need more "juice", but it depends on the overall power consumption. The G75VW has a decent powersupply as an owner for over a year now. The cpu can not be that much overclocked. It may be possible to use BCLK to overclock it, but as you may know that little bit increase of these few mhz in bclk wont increase the power consumption that much that the power supply suddenly is the weakest link. it also depends on the values on the table of the bios for the cpu ... -- quote: ----Keep your Adapter cool and if it gets warm cool it down. You will greatly reduce your <185W from that adapter as it gets hot and drops in eff. My guess is, the bottom wattage is around 120W before it just shutdown and gives up. Overall it is an AMAZING adapter! It puts up with a lot of abuse, so its a great design. OEM engineering all the way! It is as important to keep it cool as it is your laptop! => bullshit. Just because you post something does not make it a fact. Thats it The plastic casing of the power supply is not that well designed to dispate power in the first place. You claim something that the casing has such big effect. nope. Regardless of office notebooks / gaming / whatever notebook they have basically all the same design for the power supply just scale for the demand. -- quote: ----Sub and Speakers? Might I say pretty flipping worthless even with Loudness EQ set properly. Ditch the Sub, keep the speakers. Another bullshit. Most laptop speaker lacks in the lower frequency range. so having a subwoofer is not that bad. The g75vw has no cooling issue. It has a firmware issue with the bios as most laptops have since years. locked down crap bios. -- quote: Let your battery recharge all the way before turning your machine on. With a weak battery the machine will have less power to run off the adapter and therefore will suffer from spikes. You may have to replace the battery, but keep this in mind. You don't need a new one! Just not a bad one. It is NOT worth more than 100 bucks for this laptop to replace the battery with an OEM battery. Do not get a refurb, just get a used OEM battery that is still good. (If possible) OEM new if nothing else. Bullshit: laptops run off the main power supply without the batteries since laptops exists. Why should there be any power spikes? It clearly indicates that the author has no glue what he posts about it. There are main filters in the power supply, and even more components which reduce the "ripple". The hole post is just random gibberish, bullshit. Should the power supply be too weak, which happened in year 2000 with some ACER models, the battery still charged on those laptops but very very slowly. PArtly because of the battery charging circuit, partly because it was designed like that. Maybe dell batteries costs a 100 dollars, most asus batteries i saw were around 30 euros for any model in past 8 years, which i looked up! --- Quote ----Replace your Power Adapter. Again if you buy anything less than OEM get lost and stay out of this thread. Tolerances are there for a reason, and when a design is copied in China where everything is made, you loose some of that "reference" in a design to maximize profit. AGain bullshit. Why should you have to replace your power supply. In very rare cases with clevo or msi you may have a need for that. When you buy a proper brand, e.g. Most ASUS notebooks you will never have a need for that. In general read notebookcheck or any other decent review site and you will see a comment in the test, if the notebook uses the battery under heavy load. Mostly any stuff is made in china, which label is than applied and sold for, who knows. There are several lists in the net which shows that the same power supply is marketed under several product names and codes. Basically forget that gibberish => Again if you buy anything less than OEM get lost and stay out of this thread. Power supply are always bought from a manufacturer who specializes in them and than branded for asus, msi, whatever ... -- In summary your post is just a spam post, and you do not own the G75VW it in the first place or did you answer any of my questions. -- -- I want to finally ask again, has anyone this hardware and has this bios in use recently?
  4. I have not looked into these days clevo notebooks. Mostly when you buy hardware you look for Easy access to the logic board and components. MSI does for example a worse job on one of the recent notebooks with 950 nvidia gpu. Parts should be available for a few years And everything should be replaceable, not soldered. Decent cooling. Decent heatpipes. MSI for example has several notebooks with few heatpipes and other models with the same case with more headpipes. Are there any official or inofficial repair manuals? service manuals. There were a lot for hp / dell in the past in the net. I found for my older sold ASUS notebook one too. -- I'm fine now with my ivybridge notebook. That should fit the bill for casual gaming in linux with work. If i have to replace it I may go for something used and cheap again and buy a desctop, as these days everything is soldered. Means one components fails on the mainboard and the hole notebook is considered garbage. It makes a difference if the mainboard costs around 80-130 us dollars in china for my asus g75vw, or much more because cpu / ram and other components are soldered to the mainboard.
  5. Does the keyboard flash for a small amount of time after you pressed the power button (cold boot)? On my ASUS g75VW the keyboard backlight flash for a small amount of time during cold bootups. I would not suggest that you flash too often the bios, you may brick your box. Especially with different kind of bios. I have read for my ASUS g75VW box, that the keyboard backlight is very often gone with bios flashes.
  6. Yay Someone else with the same RDS80 from ERSA
  7. I'm curious if this forum ASUS g75VW bios will fix some issues in linux. I play dirt 3 on linux -> wine -> windows steam -> dirt 3 + forced directx9 I'm a long term linux user. I hardly used windows vista. I only claimed windows 10 but I do not intend to use it.
  8. I dislike these days laptops because they went the no repair route. Look at the newest macbook. Everything is soldered on the logic board, even the ssd. Everything. A year ago i bought a second hand ASUS g75VW laptop. I replaced the thermal paste. Sold the 2x4GB RAM modules and purchased 2x8GB RAM modules. I still have 2 ram banks free for up to 32gb of RAMS. The processor / gpu / RAM / battery / wlan / hdds / optical drive is still exchangeable. It depends on which games you want to play. It may be worth looking in the second hand market when you are not going for the newest games. I refuse to buy a laptop where everything is soldered on the mainboard.
  9. quote: memory leak (while surfing in Internet) that sounds more like a software issue as a hardware issue. -- so dell admits that their mobo is crap when you have 32gb of RAM installed? So no replacement from dell? Fix?
  10. Hi I have an ASUS g75VW laptop with 660m GTX gpu. The wlan card has some issues. It does not very well handle handovers from the channels and is only a class n card. I want to replace it around xmas when I change the thermal paste. output of linux lspci: 03:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01) I have read on other sites that the intel 7260 ac wlan cards have some issues. Can someone give me a suggestion for a laptop wireless card with ac standard and mini pci express connector? (I suppose the ASUS g75VW has the mini pci express connector. What I remember a year ago the connector looked similar https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCI_Express) Thank you
  11. Hi, I'm a new user. Are there any users around who still have this notebook ASUS G75VW with 660m GTX gpu with 2GB of VRAM and use this modded bios? Any long term experience? I bought an used laptop a year ago and applied the thermal paste. The thermal paste is now cooked for the cpu. Is there a way to undervolt the 3610qm processor from a bios perspective please? The bios from ASUS give me a headache in linux. First box with a broken bios for myself. I wonder how this bios behaves from this topic. ACPI Warning: \_SB.PCI0.PEG0.GFX0._DSM: Argument #4 type mismatch - Found [Buffer], ACPI requires [Package] (20160422/nsarguments-95) -- I'm a bit curious on how you test those modded bioses or can ensure that the box will not be bricked?
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