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  1. tehdewm

    [BIOS/vBIOS - MODS] Prema Mod™ & Stock

    I updated the bios of my p150em but now my keyboard won't light up.
  2. I take my laptop many places and honestly I just use a general shoulder bag for it. I guess in a worst case scenario it wouldn't protect it but I generally don't have accidents.
  3. tehdewm

    Battlefield 4 discussion

    I remember when I was sick of WWII shooters, now I miss those days lol. I want a resurgence of WWII games and no more of these modern era games. That said,I will give BF4 a try.
  4. tehdewm

    Glossy or matte(anti-glare)

    I generally have to have a matte screen in any laptop I use now. Reflections are just so annoying.
  5. tehdewm

    alienware or origin?

    Well origin uses the laptop systems made by clevo/sager if I recall. While I do love those, I definitely would like to have an alienware because they generally have better cooling.

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