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  1. korczydar

    Aspire 6930

    It's not just a past. It's Acer, cheap stuff. I have two of them, so i know what i'am talking about. Acer has a big problem with heatpipes, get a small holes and cooling gas running away. All the Acer's. If your vent is clean, you will need to change all cooling system.
  2. korczydar

    Installing Msata SDD boot Drive

    Why you want to put mSATA drive to PCIe slot?
  3. I have 32GB of RAM in my M18xR2, and it's working perfect, so you can use it for sure. You can use 4 SSD, but... One is mSATA slot, working on SATA2 limit. The same limitation is on thard SATA connection in the bay. HHD0 is sata3, HHD1 sata3, HDD2 sata2. M18xR2 has also M.2 slot. According to A11 unblocked bios, full supporting... But i'm not sure... And there is no space for ssd propably. Maybe some wifi option?
  4. korczydar

    Advice on upgrading Alienware M18x

    Where did you buy it in this price?!
  5. Hi. My name is Dariusz and i live in Poland. I'm here to learn, learn, and learn... I want to know everything about everything!!! And help the others with my knowledge
  6. korczydar

    no acer love in here

    i'm still using Aspire 8935G. Based on core2duo T9900, HD4670M, 8GB RAM and ssd+hdd. If you are not a big gamer, the machine is still OK Even Win10 works perfect (no fingerprint).
  7. Hello everyone. I have a question. After update to unlocked A11 and update ME firmware, can i go back to the stock bios? Is the new ME firmware make any conficts with the stock bios?

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