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  1. This thread could be in Portuguese Any luck @brruno?
  2. Depending on your current CPU, a Xeon can be a very good upgrade on the cheap. Check the list of possible compatible CPUs here. Maybe not all CPUs on that list are compatible, but if you already have a PremaMod Bios installed probably they all work.
  3. Only Clevo (not thin and light) ones. The rest is soldered.
  4. They are both soldered, you can't change the CPU.
  5. Yep. But I can't help you there I have no idea how to mod driver inf. But I think some people here might help
  6. @D2ultima It seems that after pulling 255w (max) from the wall and a 1.2v aplied on my 970M the whole system said enough is enough and started beeping and flashing the led lights all over the place Got a 8500 score, but that was about it. It was fun to push the system to it's limit, but now I'll be back to what I like to do most on laptops. Undervolt and reduce energy consumption without a hit on performance
  7. I already bought a Asus ADP-180MB F charger to use as my "on the go" charger (it's lighter and smaller than the original). I'm not planing on spending more money And you are right, probably can pull 200w from the wall without much trouble, will try it today. Is there a safe voltage maximum for Maxwell cards?
  8. I'm gonna try to reach 9000 points EDIT: I think I'm hitting a limit on the power adaptor (measured 188w pull from the wall, I have a 180w adaptor) and the GPU probably can go further without another bump in voltage. Well, it was fun, but it's 2:30 AM and I need to go to sleep Thanks @Prema for his lovely BIOS and vBIOS
  9. It seems a driver/hardware problem. But check these two options first: - Card temperature. - If you can, grab a monitoring socket tool to check if the power supply is sufficient. From what I could check, most laptops with the 880M came with a 180w power adaptor, so a 210w should be sufficient.
  10. So, not a problem But it could be stated on the forum rules.
  11. There is a bit of an issue with the private messages. I could not find anything in the rules that limit a pre-promotional user to send PMs. Even so I wasn't able to sent PMs to @Prema (I only tried with him) in the pre-promotional period. Another issue is that the interface gives you a generic error instead of informing you that you are still in pre-promotion period (if this is a real limitation and I've missed it when I read the rules)
  12. Hi, Hélder from Portugal. I've been following this forum for a while, finally tough I could contribute a thing or two. Thanks for this space, it really stands out from other communities
  13. Probably you can't change the GPU. Do you have the product links for both models? I'm starting to think that the AMD GPU is probably worse than the M1000M Quadro.
  14. TL;DR: Get the first one, change the screen later. I'm assuming some things here. That the GPUs on both models are soldered, so changing GPU would be impossible or if they are not, changing to a new GPU is rather complicated and sometimes impossible to do. Both models are similar regarding the screen (size, mounting holes, interface, etc.) making them compatible. Meaning you can just find what is the model number of the best screen and replace it in the V1Q02UTABA model. Just be sure that the panels are compatible.
  15. Oh, ok. I'm not sure if the height. Measured with a iFixit ruler it says 1mm, but the 1mm fells thinner next to the original ones. I'll wait for someone of the technical department of the retailers present in the forum to say something. I already contacted @John Keel to see if he can confirm the height of the pads.
  16. My "source" on eBay does not have the 14w/mk pads with 1.5mm. And by your comment I'm assuming you are confirming that the pad has 1.5mm of height
  17. I recommend that you repaste and clean the heat-sink before you start under-clocking the laptop. It will be as good as new, or even better if the original paste in not of good quality. Disassembling your model is quite easy to do, you can check this video by @HTWingNut. Aa thermal paste goes, I would recommend using Grizzly Kryonaut or Gelid Extreme.
  18. I have the same opinion as @Arondight I have do not use the 2.5" sata ports on my P651SE so it would be awesome to have an option for a bigger battery. The problem with adding more cells, at least for me of course, would be the weight gain from that operation, so a rather annoying trade-off. I've been looking in this forum for some ideas, and this thread by @Khenglish made me think of doing the same on my battery. I have some issues tough: I don't have the necessary EEPROM flasher (it's fairly cheap) I don't know how to edit the battery firmware (but it does not seem complicated) I don't know were to buy genuine high capacity cells (maybe @Khenglish can give a hand here) I don't know if the cells that @Khenglish bough are of the same size as the ones present in the P650SE battery. The first two I will try to accomplish in the coming weeks. The other two may be solved as soon as @Khenglish sees this thread So... does anyone have a P651SE (or the newer skylake/pascal model) damaged battery for donation? I'll probably do it with my own battery anyway. Being able to add battery capacity to the laptop without adding more weight would be awesome.
  19. Not wanting to steer the conversation into thermal pads only... I recently bought two FujiPoly 14w/mk pads (one 1mm and the other 0.5mm). I've still didn't applied them due to concerns of height. It seems that the original pads on my P651SE are 1.5mm thick, can anyone confirm the use of 1mm pads on this model? Or I'll have to buy the 1.5mm ones?
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