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  1. Dang, didn't realize. I have a Lenovo y580 so I can pop mine out. Are there any current laptops that have removable cpus that also have Thunderbolt 3 that you know of?
  2. Hi all. So I am soon to be in the market for a new laptop and with thunderbolt 3 egpu enclosures starting to pop up, I'm looking away from heavy gaming laptops. Right now, I'm probably looking at a Dell XPS 15 when they release the Kaby Lake iteration. But I would really like to have that power in the XPS 13 form factor. So now I'm considering buying both, swapping their processors, and selling the XPS 15 with the U processor. My questions are: 1. Would the XPS 13 provide enough power to the HQ processor, or would it not even perform at full power? 2. Would the XPS 13 be able to handle cooling the HQ processor? It's a jump from 15W TDP to 45W TDP. I have no problem doing some tinkering with the internals to try to gain some cooling like adding copper to the heatsinks, better paste when I switch out the processors, anything else likely to help. So, thoughts? Answers? Anyone interested in buying an XPS 15 with a U-series processor? EDIT: Also, Dell XPS is what I would be looking at currently, but I am open to other suggestions
  3. Finally on a 2.07 BIOS. So glad that I don't have to worry as much about recovery anymore
  4. Update: Sadly, there was no luck recovering the bios. I had to install a new MOBO. If you are on the 8.01 bios, be careful with what you flash
  5. @svl7 The bios I flashed is an overvolted one from here on the forums on top of your unlocked 8.01 bios. I know the stock 8.01 bios isn't online so I can't get the file name for the recovery, but is there some way I can use your unlocked bios or the 2.07 bios for the recovery? Thank you for any input you have and thank you for all of your work.
  6. So last night I flashed an incorrect BIOS on my laptop. Computer now won't POST, so I'm trying to perform the InsydeH2O BIOS recovery. The problem is, I don't know what the filename is for the 5dcn90ww bios. Has anyone successfully recovered a y580 running the 8.01 bios, and if so what file name actually worked on the recovery? Also, would it be possible to recover the machine using the 2.07 BIOS from Lenovo's site? Or am I SOL unless Lenovo ever posts the 5dcn90ww file online (which they won't)?
  7. Thank you for all the work. One thing I am confused about is what course of action I have if I flash the BIOS wrong. Will I have created a nice, pretty paperweight?
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