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  1. Hi guys... I really need your help. Someone please, that still have the W230ST BIOS (Prema preferably) for this barebone I appreciate. Stock BIOS makes this equipment unusable with Linux due to CPU features (Turbo Boost, Clocks etc) that are not accessible using factory BIOS. I know I could set rules on /etc/udev to throttle it down but doing this directly on BIOS is always the best choice. Please... I really need this. Thank you so much. Regards.
  2. Hello guys, I need some help here. My W230ss started to shutdown due to high temperatures reached under heavy load on Linux (I'm using Mint 17.3). My laptop came with official Prema BIOS from its partner in Brazil, but looking at the BIOS options I was unable to figure out how to underclock my Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4810MQ CPU @ 2.80GHz to 1.8GHz or minus. I know it's possible to achieve that using cpufred-tools, but I want to limit the clock using the BIOS. Any help I'll appreciate. Best regards.
  3. Hello guys, I'm trying to get my GTX860M working on Ubuntu 14.04 for months without success. I'll describe everything I've done just to avoid unnecessary/redundant tips: 1) I've removed every trace of old nvidia packages using sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia* 2) I've tried proprietary drivers and also the repository ones from edgers/ppa with sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa 3) I've tried the installation from CLI using sudo apt-get install nvidia-35x nvidia-settings nvidia-prime (where "x" was EVERY single version available on repository) 4) I've tried to switch between GPUs using prime-select/switch with no sucess 5) I've tried to install proprietary drivers from GUI using the "Additional Drivers" wizard... no success What I mean with "no success" is: just after the installation, I reboot my W230SS and the system starts in text mode EVERY SINGLE TIME... I've tried to login and force one or other GPU using prime-select but nothing. I'm using Prema BIOS for this laptop but I cant believe this could lead to such problem. I also cant beliebe I'm the only one person in the world trying to use Linux on a Clevo W230SS... I hope someone can help me. I'll appreciate. Edit #1: I also have Windows 8.1 in another partition and the GPUs are all working fine... the problem is the Linux OS. Best regards, FABrizzolla
  4. Sometimes I caugh myself thinking about that and how all this "mechanical thing" about keyboards sounds like pure placebo. Hardcore gamers spend a lot of money on keyboards because of "its precision and durability"... I dont think so it justifies the amount of money spent on it, seriously. You said you'll "spend a fair amount of time typing"... in my opinion you should look for a soft and ergonomic keyboard rather than an gamer/mechanical one if you're worried about Repetitive Strain Injuries. Regards,
  5. Gotcha. You're rigth: I didn't realised that vsync turns off when I switch from D3D to OGL. Thanks pirtu.
  6. Late on 90s was possible to softmod some GeForce 2/3 card into Quadro ones. I've done it my Asus GeForce2 GTS V7700, but honestly did'nt saw improvments comparing with a real Quadro display adapter. I can't talk about hardmods because my skills with eletronics suck. Sorry Regards,
  7. brizzio


    Usually we configure a default template with all relevant information required for each server, then the file .bgi is loaded on the Start -> Startup using the commandline bginfo.exe /timer:0 and the name of the file. This will ensure your BGInfo will update the information on every logon process. Regards.
  8. Clevo W230SS equiped with: Intel Core i7 4820MQ 2x 8GB DDR3L Kingston HyperX 1x mSATA SSD 128GB Plextor (OS) 1x SATA HDD 1TB 7200rpm (Mass storage) The bad thing was the mPCIe Wifi controller I've choosed: Intel Advanced-N 6235... what a bad mistake... I'm hevaing several problems with the wireless network on both operanting systems (Ubuntu and Windows).
  9. Brazilian guy here. I'm a very happy W230SS owner and still looking to extract the best from this little beast. I'm not an Windows guy: my primary OS is an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and it's running like a charm. I'll look forward to see if I can help other guys with the same barebone. Regards!
  10. I've installed teh Hotkey from Clevo and didn't noticed that. But what took my attention was that running an specific benchmark on OpenGL did the fans goes crazy and noisy... switching the benchmark to D3D the W230SS sustained a very low noise and almost no fan actions... looks like a NVIDIA driver issue... I dont know. Anymore else noticed that?
  11. That's an insane pixel density little monster. Post a pic of it running any SO without font upscalling lol...
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