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  1. The pros and cons post by runix is a very good summary. I have a 5.5 Kg 17.3" laptop and I can tell you for carrying around it's quite a hassle. It's heavy and cumbersome and takes a lot of space in public transportation. I even had some back pains the first weeks due to the weight. That said, for gaming I like it very much. Came to it from a 15.6" and the bigger screen was noticeably better, plus the better thermals and capacity for larger components (GTX 1080, though I think there are some 15.6" with 1080s now). I didn't quite understand if you bought it already but if you already have a 1070 maybe you can consider waiting for the next generation of cards then jump straight to a 1180? It will be more bang for the buck specially since you already have a very powerful rig.
  2. Yeah, only activity seems to be on his twitter now. Maybe try tweeting him? Also thanks @shogun for the last link, there's a version of the mod for my P370EM there though it doesn't have much of a description.
  3. Hey everybody, I want to undervolt my Clevo GTX 680m to reduce heat and power usage and maybe get a few more FPS due to temps. By what I've read Kepler cards don't support voltage/frequency curves so I should use voltage offsets. Is that so or should I be able to use the curves? Also, when I try to apply the negative voltage offset on MSI Afterburner it resets back to 0 and nothing happens, and using NVidia Inspector the voltage section is grayed out so no go there as well. Do I need a modded VBIOS to be able to change voltage? Thanks in advance Pablo
  4. Don't know if you already bought your laptop but there's also http://www.sagernotebook.com/home.php Best prices I've found and lot's of configuration options. Also I don't know if your planning on gaming only but have you seen the new I7-8750H, seems like a good bet for the money and plenty enough for games.
  5. Wow, and I thought I had a lot. I have 363 games + 2 softwares but shamefully I must have like 50+ games that I've never installed/played. Bloody sales... =P
  6. Could you specify some more on the actual components on the laptop? By what I see on the link you provided the laptop is customizable and CPU/GPU can vary quite a bit. Still I think for the money it should be a very good laptop for studying (15.6" and 2.65kg should be more comfortable for carrying around than larger laptops) and decent for side gaming.
  7. Hello there. My name is Pablo. I registered on the forum to be able to download unlocked VBIOSes for my aging 680m and to learn some more about undervolting and possibly overclocking. Hope I can follow your expertise and if I can be of any service I'll be glad to help.
  8. Hi, thank you very much for providing these. Can you tell me if using these modified vBIOS I would be able to undervolt my Clevo GTX 680m SLI? I'm having some unstabilities when under maximum load and wanted to try undervolting to see if it was a problem with power since temps are at a reasonable 85C. Thanks in advance
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