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  1. There's actually so many mods and extra things you can do with discord, it allows you to run a radio bot that plays music strictly in a channel along with other bots that can keep track of game progress like fortnite stats! Pm me if you want more details or want to join a server that has these things ^-^
  2. I got 64, but I definitely plan to increase that! RIP my wallet It's crazy knowing that people have over 1000+ games though and even yet spending 2000+ hours on them :S
  3. Hey everyone! I just started playing Fortnite last month and was looking for people to play with instead of going into squads and banking that everyone is going to fall together at a location or go straight to tilted towers. Feel free to pm me your epic games ign and lets get a tech inferno squad going B)!
  4. DELL I7567-5314 is the laptop i'm about to buy in a couple weeks off a friend for 650$. It's retail price in Canada foes for 1100$ and was wondering if Its a good laptop for school and gaming on the side. Is there anyone in this forum that already has experience with laptop or an opinion? Much appreciated http://www.dell.com/en-ca/shop/dell-laptops-netbooks-and-tablets/inspiron-15-7000-gaming/spd/inspiron-15-7567-laptop
  5. You need to follow the forum rules of not spamming, etc. There are other requirements and its mentioned your email notifications in your account.
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