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  1. Hello, I bought the bios today and i installed it, but i cant install nvidia drivers. My laptop model is MSI GT-70 Dragon edition 1. I replace my old 675mx with 980m. The error i got when i try setup driver is: "this graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware" solved with inf edit.
  2. Hello, im getting "Error: Secure flash functoin is not supported on this file." How can i solve this problem?
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Rhaim/ i can join you guys when i get my new gpu. cheers!
  4. I've used 3 logitech headphones in my life. Then I bought hyperx. I will never buy logitech again. My advice is not to buy a logitech headset. logitech produces products with very low material quality and very low repairability.
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  6. Would 3630qm and 980m be a good pair? Do you think there will be a bottleneck? Thank you for answers.
  7. Im thinking of replacing my 675mx graphics card with a 980m. I hope it works. Thanks to everyone for information.
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