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  1. Alienware m18xr1 A05 locked bios, I’ll have to check the chipset
  2. I'm looking to upgrade my desktop as i have a GTX 1060 and can't mine ETH anymore because the DAG file went over 3GB, i'm considering going AMD because i mine and play games, and potentially get a couple cards. Any one have any recommendations fro cheaper cards that are at least 6gb each that aren't to pricey? I was looking at the RX 580s or maybe just going with the 1060 6GB version because those are fairly affordable. Im running a 1800x ryzen processor and my GPU is bottlenecking me.
  3. djeffwalton

    CS:GO FPS problems

    Run spyware and malware programs, i would stay away from ccleaner for CS:GO because it ends up deleting files and will get you temp banned in the middle of a match. Play on lower settings, set vsync off, and make sure your windows settings are set to application controlled. There are some good guides at steampowered for step by step instructions.
  4. djeffwalton

    CS:GO Players?

    Do we have a lot of Counterstrike players in the community that like playing competitive? If so lets get some MMs going! post ur steam name and ill add u.
  5. djeffwalton

    Best Voice Chat For Gaming

    Agreed, discord is awesome. I remember the days of vent and mumble. Teamspeak has stuck around but hardly any of my friends use it.
  6. Can I still overclock with Afterburner, or am i going to need to flash my bios to an unlocked one? I haven't been able to find a file anywhere. Any help would be awesome, thanks!

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