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  1. Need to replace my old headset and with all of the options it's hard to know what is worth the money. Having the mic built into the headset is nice and all but I feel like the sound quality of the headset will always be worse than one without a mic at the same price. Any suggestions for around $100 for a decent headset w/mic that isn't one of these flavor of the month gamer headset or should I just go with a headset without a built in mic.
  2. Been close to hitting my limit for data the last few months and after checking all the devices on the network I can't figure out which one is using all the data. Using my internet providers app I can tell when devices are on and "how much" of the internet traffic % is being used by the device but it doesn't give me a breakdown of gigabyte per hour or anything. Allowing an app to monitor all the traffic on the network requires me to have a fair bit of trust in the company. It's kind of the same worry when it comes to the idea of a VPN. Any suggestions on a program or if comcast offers this service and I am just not finding it. Thanks so much
  3. Hey all, call me Brick. Love to tinker with tech but just a novice. Built a few pc in my days, modded a few consoles but nothing fancy but really enjoy it all the same. Excited to see what I can learn from here.
  4. Excited to try this out once I can dl the needed files. This machine has been collecting dust for years and would love to get it running again. Due to having a blank ( won't turn on) screen, how long did the flash/repair take for anyone else? I lost power when I was updating the bios last time so I don't even remember how long it took before it was bricked. hope this works Edit - Is there a preferred usb drive to use? Tried to mess with the machine again to unbrick it and can't get it to recognize any of my usb drives.
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