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  1. bootleg2580

    [BIOS/vBIOS - MODS] Prema Mod™ & Stock

    What do you mean sbios? Like as in only the prema splash screen is the bios not the vbios? @octiceps
  2. bootleg2580

    1080P to 4k Display Alienware 17 (2014)

    I think in 2014 wasnt it the m17x not alienware 17?
  3. bootleg2580

    [HARDWARE MOD] 980M to Desktop 980 core upgrade

    This is pretty epic great job that takes some real knowledge to do what you did. You need to try the 1080 core
  4. bootleg2580

    Using eGPU with lid closed in Windows 10

    You can try changing what function happens when the lid is closed, (i.e) do nothing, sleep, hibernate etc) or there should be an option on your display itself on your comouter like 1 1&2 or 2 just use 2 not 1&2
  5. bootleg2580

    M18XR2 7 Beeps

    Have you tried putting it into safe mode and checking the device manager for errors? If not i would try that unless youve fixed the issue.
  6. My alienware m17xr4 3d had the same problem as yours but on windows 8 what worked was changing the action of closing the lid to sleep then closing the lid after startup and pressing enter numerous times for the screen to respond. Might be a problem with the 3d screens with newer drivers by nvidia. Or maybe it was the paste or it might actually be the new os. Dod the revert to 7 change that problem??
  7. bootleg2580

    1080P to 4k Display Alienware 17 (2014)

    If you are talking about the m17x version of the alienware then no as the lids are different but the alienware r1 shouldnt be a problem as they are the same models. But I would contact alienware to be sure before buying.
  8. bootleg2580

    Gtx 780m upgrade

    you can try going into the device manager and see if it has your card listed in the display adapters, if not the computer isnt reading your card, if you see it you can disable your other card and see if it switches if you see black or nothing happens start in safe mode go back to display adapters and renable the onboard card.
  9. bootleg2580

    M17X R3, win10 or win7 till the end ?

    I actually really enjoy windows 10, it takes a quick second to get used to but its basically the same as windows 7 with some added features and a new look which i really enjoy, i would say change it to 10 because of set up and looks!
  10. bootleg2580

    My Alienware CAN'T BOOT UP!!

    Yes unfortunately i cant download the modded vbios files because i have just opened an account but just try and help others and you should have access to the downloads! good luck
  11. bootleg2580

    M17x R4 with GTX 880 M problem

    to change drive signature enforcement follow this link for a tutorial: http://acer.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/38289/~/windows-10%3A-disable-signed-driver-enforcement
  12. Usually a blue screen BSOD might mean its dead, how ever try starting in safe mode and click devices panel and see if there is a yellow traingle icon on your 680, display adpater. if so its prob. fried and youll need to get a new one. Best of luck.

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