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  1. I remember reading somewhere you need a card made by EVGA for maximum compatibility with eGPU.
  2. What graphics card do you have? I have EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti and the only thing I did to get it working with internal screen, is just installed the latest drivers from the EVGA website.
  3. I am not so hardcore to tear apart my MacBook..)) I guess there's no software way to disable it?
  4. Perhaps I do have this "Optimus" activated already. Just tried to connect eGPU without external display and it worked! But what about "Sleep" mode? Is it possible to put MacBook to sleep when eGPU is connected?
  5. I wish it would be so easy. - switching to "Show only display 1" results in lagging of all system animations. The same effect I have when I close the lid and eGPU becomes the only active display. I have already created a discussion trying to resolve it: Another thing is that I don't have "Sleep" option when eGPU is connected, which is pretty inconvenient. I don't think I have this "Optimus" activated already...
  6. I am pretty sure it's late 2013. Don't have it at hand right now to double check though. So what should I do to make it work? Can I use the guide on the first page of this topic?
  7. @ssamydla Thanks for the explanation! Is your set up running on Windows 8.1? On the first page of this topic I saw a good guide for making "Optimus" work with Windows 8.1 Is there a similar guide for Windows 10?
  8. Your "Restart" method actually worked for me the next time. Device manager had both of adapters listed. Not very convenient to do an additional restart tbh, but it works. Thanks!
  9. Can somebody with experience in this area please explain me what is "Optimus"? As far as I understood it will allow going to Sleep mode with eGPU connected? Correct me if I am wrong, "Optimus" is used if you need to use internal display with eGPU. Will "Optimus" provide any performance benefits? My configuration is: - MacBook Retina 13" Intel Iris 5100 - EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti - Windows 10 Can I set up "Optimus" with this configuration and if yes, then how?
  10. If I restart it with a lid closed, animation goes smoothly for a few minutes, but then its all lagging again. But sometimes when system loads, for some unknown reason eGPU becomes the only visible "Display adapter" in the Device manager. Then it never lags, neither with closed lid or opened lid. The downside is that because internal card wasn't detected, I can't see anything on the Macbook's screen itself.
  11. "what function happens when the lid is closed " is already on "do nothing". If I choose "Show only on 2" the effect is identical if I close the lid - eGPU becoming the only display, but lagging badly.
  12. Is there a way to use eGPU on external display with lid closed in Windows 10? Because if I close the lid now, the system starts lagging badly. Even simple animations like opening a folder or making a selection with a mouse are dramatically slow. How to eliminate this performance drop, when closing a lid?
  13. In my case the GPU I used (EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti) doesn't require additional power. So I only needed to supply 12V to barrel plug. I don't really know how can you use the 6pin and 8pin cable with this power supply. But if they all use 12V - I think its possible. Yeah, you can only use one power source, I don't know the true reason why, but everyone keep saying that, so it must be true!
  14. Got myself a 400W power supply that outputs 12V only. It looks something like this: https://www.amazon.com/TOOGOO-Switching-Switch-Supply-Driver/dp/B00L316X7E Works fine. No more freezes. The only problem is that its fan is pretty loud and distracting.
  15. I will tell you what I figured so far. This is definitely a power problem. I tested the voltage that goes to the eGPU. The moment I launch a 3D app - it drops from 12v to 11.2v Probably the reason that 450W power supply can't handle the load, is this: https://brazenartifice.wordpress.com/2011/12/26/atx-power-supply-5v-load-resistor-for-better-12v-regulation/ Let me know if you managed to do this "5V resistor" trick. I myself don't want to bother by this and be getting a new power supply tomorrow, that doesn't require these manipulations.
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