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  1. SON OF A B... it worked.. i messed up the order! so much hours lost.. and its all fixed by 2 words "wrong order".. shame! Happy to get a result! Thank you once again J95
  2. First thank you for being a life saver in the community for more than once! Unfortunately.. i still get a failed on the graphic driver even tho i follow every walkthrough religiously. Win10 clean install , M17X R3 , 680m with mod driver that worked flawlessly with 7 , I have Disable driver Signing, ran DDU, got the proper inf, kept only the specified folders, ran setup.. still FAILED! Is there one last miracle that can be done ? Something else should i know ?? at this point, screw win10 and when support of win7 stop, i got a 2k$ paperweight! really wish i can give a second life to my Alien with win10 but the situation is behond me at this point!
  3. Hi guys, i was just wondering if it is worth it to upgrade to win 10 versus staying with win7 until the end regarding your experience with win10 so far and our older alienware. In a few words.. my M17X R3 is has been clean installed with win10pro, i got an 680m (i have been trothling free for a long time now, yay! stupid 580m) and was doing fine with win7 modded nvidia drivers.i dont notice any problems so far with win10 but I have been fighting a few hours to find why the damn new driver wont install and fail at the graphic driver when i DDU first, disabled DSE and followed instruction as usual.. Now.. if i can't game, my R3 is a big paper weight.. thinking of going back to win7 but one day.. it will be the end.. 2020? Do you guys plan on fighting big brother and keep your M17X R3 up and running throught win10 or its such a pain in the ass that a new laptop is in order ? any opinion are welcomed! Thank you for your time!
  4. I also noticed the nvdm.inf is no more.. replace by nvdmi.inf probably.. I know my hardware ID : 04901028 but i have a hard time guessing what entries i should replace. I see a line with ".048F." that looks like my hardware id.. ( 048F1028 ) could be that.. otherwise, i really need your help guys! I am trying to do stuff myself but there are people out there with more know-how on that subject :-)
  5. Hi / Bonjour.. DocBurN from Montreal .. avid gamer, worked in IT all my life, new here and trying to help others!
  6. (M17XR3+680M) Being away since NVIDIA 285 .. is it safe to upgrade my driver to 350.12 directly (love GTA5) ? I had a 580M.. i survived the throttling master!
  7. i just want to add my small 2 cent.. i had the king of overheating.. a master throttling 580M in my M17XR3 and went to a 680M and it was the best move i ever did.. flawlessly working since october 2014 .. i am in love with my 680M and never throttled once... what the "$%? was wrong with the 580M edition.. geeez
  8. DocBurN

    Gtav on pc

    I had a blast yesterday with GTA5 on my M17XR3 + 680M.. with my old arse 285 nvidia driver. Wondering if someone else noticed a graphical problem with char creator for GTA5 online ? My char is like a zebra with stripes which is not normal.. and the singleplayer side is perfect everywhere.. no glitch for 4 hours of gaming.
  9. Hi guys, Never felt the need to re-mod a new nvidia driver for my M17XR3 since i had modded the 285.62... that was before i noticed a little something with GTA5 for PC.. Now i see that 347.88 / 350.12 drivers.. should i be worry about stability or killing my 680M The last update happen because my 580M was fried by a nvidia driver so i am worried. What do you guys think ? Any input are welcome.. thank you!
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