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    Egpu, programming linux, mac, hackintosh, windows. I have done laptop repair professionally, as well as programming. I have used hex editors to repair boot blocks.

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  1. Mikegrok

    M.2 link via PE4C v4.1 experiences?

    The cable is soldered at both ends. One to the m.2 card, one to the board with the pcie slot. I have been planning to move to a smaller setup (old one was dual CPU extended atx) so I have a Silverstone psu. I purchased that one because of the optional short cable set. My plan was to use this bulky setup until the better thunderbolt Boxes become available. However, I don't mind the wires, and it is rock solid. I currently have a sata card in the slot as I put together a hackintosh.
  2. Mikegrok

    BPlus PE4C or EXP GDC Beast NGFF.m2?

    I just updated my motherboard bios, and the p4ec v4.1 to gpu connection speed changed from x4 pcie1 to x4 pcie3.
  3. Mikegrok

    M.2 Key M Sata or Pci-e. Help

    Electrically it should work, but physically it may not. I think the m.2 card is the longer than the hole in your computer. You may need an m.2 raiser card, or extender. As it is with the pe4c, it is nearly impossible to insert the screw securing the m.2 card due to the stiffness of the cables. I will check this evening.
  4. Mikegrok

    eGPU MSI Cubi 2 Plus i5 6400T with PE4C v4.1

    Installing the pe4c 4.1 in a skull canyon nuc I initially had x4 pcie1, but after bios update it changed to x4 pcie3.
  5. Mikegrok

    BPlus PE4C V3/V2 discussion

    Last week I did a bios update, and now the card connects to the nuc at x4 pcie3.
  6. Mikegrok

    M.2 link via PE4C v4.1 experiences?

    I updated my bios last week, and now it is x4 pcie 3.
  7. Mikegrok

    BPlus PE4C or EXP GDC Beast NGFF.m2?

    I see this got bumped recently, I had good luck with the m.2 key m x4 pcie 1 through the pe4c v4.1. You can see details on the appropriate thread in this section.
  8. Mikegrok

    BPlus PE4C V3/V2 discussion

    I got the pe4c v4.1 and installed it into an Intel nuc skull canyon using m.2 key m (x4 pcie). I performed no software configuration besides installing the nvidia express drivers. It is working hassle free at x4 pcie1. I was able to play Warcraft and world of tanks within 10 minutes of socketing the pcie card into the slot. I detailed the experience in the appropriate thread in this section.
  9. Mikegrok

    M.2 link via PE4C v4.1 experiences?

    According to the bios screen, it is using 4 channels of pcie 1. On the scull canyon nuc, the m.2 ports do not use the CPU pcie channels, but instead pass through DMI. So sometimes high USB disk throughput will starve the CPU of Southbridge bandwidth, which blacks out my screen for a few seconds. I have posted geekbench scores with the same username.
  10. Mikegrok

    M.2 link via PE4C v4.1 experiences?

    I use a 40 inch uhd tv as a monitor. Three weeks ago I purchased the skull canyon nuc. As I expected Intel graphics are fine for the browser and desktop, but not for games. In anticipation of this I had researched alternatives. I ordered (from California USA) the bplus v4.1 m.2 to pcie egpu adapter on Saturday, and it arrived on Thursday via DHL. I connect ed the m.2 card, plugged in my gtx 750ti, moved the HDMI cable, added my atx power supply and it worked the first time and every time with no modifications. Even sleep works. -Michael

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