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  1. jdsteele

    M.2 link via PE4C v4.1 experiences?

    I have not as yet. I ran into an issue with this particular device only allowing "whitelisted" cards. So I have not pulled the trigger in buying the v4.1 yet. I need to start looking seriously for a way around that issue though.
  2. jdsteele

    M.2 link via PE4C v4.1 experiences?

    Thats great info, thanks. I am thinking I will try it out if my notebook will allow it. I have a Lenovo Edge e530 and I have found at least one person who says they got eGPU working. Just not sure which port they used. ;-)
  3. Has anyone tried the PE4C V4.1 connected to an M.2 notebook slot for an eGPU setup? I am an eGPU noob and I have both mPCIe and M.2 available but not sure which would be faster/more compatible.

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