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  1. I advise using the Setup 1.3 and pt MEM writefromfile cause it's much safer. you won't damage the windows by alternating the ACPI This will be a lot but believe me, it's worth it. There is some missing information in some previous post that I did read here that can cause a lot of errors and problems: Windows Unstable Slow take really long to shutdown black screen boot Error (Blue screen ACPI Bios Error) but this method works if you follow the right steps To extract the Aml file you need to get it from Linux (ubuntu USB boot) this will give you the right dsdt without error. You need Just DSDT and SSDT files ( SSDT 1 & 2...). rename the end of this files to .aml Follow this https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-patching-laptop-dsdt-ssdts.152573/ (follow the steps and what I did to make it work.) Extracting with Linux:In Linux, the native ACPI files are available directly from the file system. You can find them at /sys/firmware/acpi/tables and /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/dynamic. It is possible to copy the entire set with a single command in Terminal.It is not necessary to install Linux. Simply run it from USB: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows.In Linux Terminal: Code (Text): # substitute DEST with the mountpoint of a FAT32 formatted USB stick sudo cp -R /sys/firmware/acpi/tables /windowspath/of/your/choice/ with this command, you will save all the files in the place of your choice ( all the files even the one that you don't need) then you Need to download Vmware Mac OS X El captain (look for it in torrent... you need to get permission to install the app in user/bin ..after you start the mac os x and boot up and everything working. you need to reboot in recovery mode keep pressing windows+R after you click on reboot then after it boots in recovery, up go into utilities > terminal and type the following commands: csrutil disable reboot Done // you will need this to install iasl and avoid Operation not permitted to take the file from windows to vmware you need to upload them in a site and download them from VMware ( easy way) to extract dsl file with isal ( need to install it in MAC os ) without error and open it with Maciasl (last version 2016-04) add the line and compile if you see warnings is okay as long as there is no error ( you won't find at all maybe 1 max try to fix it(google) if you can't then leave it.. because i tried with windows and I had a lot or errors). to take the file from windows to VMware you need to upload them in a site and download them from VMware ( easy way) after you download the new DSDT with QWord... on it. put it in the config file of the Dyi setup Important: 1.Boot order Dyi setup first Not Windows 8 ( you can change that when windows load then give you the choice between Windows and Dyi setup then there you will see another option select DYi as main boot. 2. pt MEM writefrom 1 0x000000.....DSDT.aml " you need to write it exactly as it is in "r-w everything" don't remove the 0000xxxx." 3. Put a delay on your Egpu to 7 seconds 4. I still get error code 12 in my Igpu but the egpu gtx 960 4Gb working perfectly 5.i didn't have to force igpu to 32 bit or do anything. just this in my startup.bat: call iport on 4 // this is my port call iport gen2 4 pt MEM writefromfile 1 0x000000009BFCF000 DSDT.aml :end call chainload mbr can you tell me why *********?? it took me 3 days to make it work without error. result: Stable Windows Update 1: *I had to change the igpu memory in bios to 32Mb to make the "pt MEM ....." work without crashing my laptop. *tried this method on win10 but it doesn't work. no matter what I try. had to come back to win8.1 Need help PM ****** Can you comment on what I said maybe I understood something thing wrong. Thanks to ********* and his Perfect DYI setup
  2. Hello nando, your software is really a Amazing. I was able to make my Egpu get detected the only ptoblm is I have AN HP folio 9480m And a GTX 960 so i need an override cause i get code 12 error but whatever i do the override the graphic card work and i can play but on the next renoot Blue screen ACpi bios Erro i tried to do the override throut setup 1.3 but when i type the command on the dos to try it first my laptop restart again!!! Any help here ??
  3. Hello guys , Need help here: my egpu is not detected in windows 10 I used the setup 1.3 to check if the egpu get detected in it but it doesn't also . i have EXP Beast 8.3 whatever i plug or hotplug the egpu nothing show up,just the psu and graphic card start and fan spin so fast and loud then turn off again. i tried the switching "wifi card first then egpu.... method" same result. i turned ATX power ON so it's always on but still nothing . The fan of the grapic card spin so so fast and loud but not detected ... Idk why. Can you help me guys please.
  4. Hello. just wanted to ask i have a folio 9480m i wanted to buy a Mpcie 8.0 EXP beast for 29€ but i found the another NGFF version that cost double the price 50€ My wifi card is A+E key M.2 but i think the mpcie will work normally!! just want to make sure. can you confirm to me guys. Thanks.
  5. Hello. just wanted to ask i have a folio 9480m i wanted to buy a Mpcie 8.0 EXP beast for 29€ but i found the another NGFF version that cost double the price 50€ My wifi card is A+E key M.2 but i think the mpcie will work normally!! just want to make sure. can you confirm to me guys. Thanks.
  6. yesh it will feet because the SSD that you have is an key M+B it support both but Sata . I don't think you will find a SSD pcie interface that have a Key B. from what i saw all of them are Key M. and the One that have M+B are mostly all SATA.
  7. I don't think you will find an SSD with B key usually they are M+B or M. EXP GDC V8 NGFF will fit in the WIFI slot Key A+E. i have a Hp folio 9480m I wanted to buy the PE4c 4.1 Key M too since i do have a Key M but i found out it's Sata interface not Pcie interface .so it won't work . my bad luck. i'm still confused about it too so..tell me your results. What is the difference between M.2 SATA and M.2 PCIe SSDs? M.2 is the physical form factor.SATA and PCIe refer to the storage interface, with the primary difference being performance and the protocol (language) spoken by the M.2 SSD. The M.2 specification was designed to accommodate both a SATA and PCIe interface for SSDs.M.2 SATA SSDs will use the same controller currently available on typical 2.5 in SATA SSDs.M.2 PCIe SSDs will use a controller specifically designed to support the PCIe protocol. An M.2 SSD can support only one protocol, but some systems have M.2 sockets that can support either SATA or PCIe.
  8. hello Support. I wanted to buy the ”PE4C 4.1 KEY M” for my laptop cause i don't want to remove the wifi card. I removed the back cover and i checked i have an M.2 key M for SSD Will it work ? I did read somewhere that there is a M.2 Sata and M.2 Pcie and i need the Pcie type one for it to work!! so i’m really confuse right now. can you help me? i have a Hp folio 9480M.
  9. it's not Key M . It's M.2 Key B i have the same one and no you don't put it upside-down. big mistake. In this picture you can see the Difference Between A-E(wifi left one) and B(WWan middle one) and M(SSD right one).
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