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  1. Hi guys, If I use the Windows restart option my m17x r3 is very sluggish when Windows restarts. If I use the Windows shut down option and then power up I don't have the problem. Here is the latency after restarting: Here is the latency after powering down. Any idea what the cause is? Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, About a month ago I opened my laptop which was already running but the screen didn't turn on. I tapped the Caps Lock key but the respective light on the chassis didn't respond so I think the OS was frozen. It's happened intermittently a few times since. Any idea what the cause is? Thanks.
  3. Hi guys, I bought my Alienware M17xR3 refurbished. It didn't come with a disc. To have the laptop Alienware themed do I need a special Alienware disc? Or is there a recovery type partition on the machine? Thanks for the help.
  4. Was overseas. Opened the machine and found dust galore. All good now. Thanx for the advice. Still like to know: What is the throttle nerf bat?
  5. Pulled her apart. Full of dust. Running properly now.
  6. What is the throttle nerf bat? What are throttle issues? This sounds like my problem: http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m17x/2259-m17xr3-gtx560m-poor-performance.html
  7. OK, thanx again for all your help. Another question if you don't mind. In my BIOS there is no Integrated Graphics detected. Is that to be expected without Optimus?
  8. Can I clarify with you that because I have a 3d screen I don't have integrated graphics? Is that right? Power options are set to maximum performance. My gpu was at 75C when I was using my browser. I rolled back my drivers and my gpu went to 60C when using my browser. I ran 3DMark again and got a better score but still not as good as it should be. I'll post the results soon.
  9. I replied to your post days ago but I guess something went wrong. Do you mean a 3D enabled laptop? Mine is.
  10. Device Manager only lists the Nvidia adapter.
  11. Thanx for replying. My laptop does not have an option to switch between integrated graphics. I'm not even sure if it has integrated graphics.
  12. Hi guys. I'm having problems playing some games & am trying to work out what the problem is. I ran 3dMark & got these results: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-2760QM Processor,Alienware M17xR3 score: P885 3DMarks I was hoping fellow M17x owners may be able to help me. Thanx for looking.
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