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M17xR4 not turning on


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I've been experimenting a lot lately with my old M17xR4 (120hz) , it had a dead GPU, inserted another, worked for a while and then i got the 8 beeps no posting, not matter what i try.


So i tried re-installing the BIOS blindly as i did several times before (by holding the 'end' button and plugging the power cord).. while it was beeping (installing the bios) i accidentally unplugged it.


Now the laptop does not turn on when i press the alien head, no beeps, no lights, nothing. It's practically dead.

Can't even try RE-reinstalling the Bios it does not respond anymore.


I tried removing the CMOS and holding power button, but it just doesn't work.


I guess i bricked the brick.


Did my laptop finally die with no hope? 

Any suggestions? 





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Yes, looks like it's bricked. You can try unbricking by reprogramming the BIOS but you'll need a special programmer and the right software/firmware. I've never tried it but I also have an old M14x with the same issue. I have the programmer but haven't got around to try to fix it yet.

You can also remove the BIOS chip and replace it with one that's got the right BIOS preinstalled. You'll need some micro-soldering skills or take it to a repair shop. 

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I am sure you have, but the function key and the power button for 30 seconds, was some sort of reset for me through research, and an external display plugged in to allow use of a new gpu and Uefi to my knowledge.

Obviously if it is bricked because of the bios install cut, as Matty had suggested I agree. But just to be sure, an external display and the full function reset for diagnostics.

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