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  1. That didnt help. I set Advanced error reporting back to Enabled and Enabled ASPM as well, along with double checking if its enabled in the power profile as. With the drivers installed and working, there was no change and things were normal, but if i reinstalled the drivers, it would result in a code 43. I had to disable Advanced error reporting again in order for the drivers to install and then i could do whatever i please. Enabling or disabling either of the settings didnt cause any issues or changes, after a successful installation. My best guess is that the driver checks for something during the install? One thing i did observe was, when the driver was being installed with Advanced Error reporting turned off, the black screen that we get during the installation was way longer than it normally takes, and after which everything went normally.
  2. Ill give that a shot. But i have ASPM disabled everywhere in my BIOS. Do you think ASPM might be causing this? I have it disabled in my power profiles as well. Never quite used it in a long time, since it caused some issues for me, a while back. It was a total brain fart while doing something else in the BIOS, figured since the system says the card is reporting problems, just make the card NOT report those problems
  3. I managed to get the new drivers working on my system (GTX 1080 eGPU), might or might not work for you guys : Went into the BIOS and disabled - Advanced Error reporting for the PCIe slot i had my GTX 1080 connected to. Also not sure if this is possible with every BIOS or not. Since i dont quite have the standard issue Prema BIOS.
  4. I managed to get the new drivers working on my system, might or might not work for you guys : Went into the BIOS and disabled - Advanced Error reporting for the PCIe slot i had my GTX 1080 connected to. Also not sure if this is possible with every BIOS or not. Since i dont quite have the standard issue Prema BIOS.
  5. It's not specific to MBR users. Most egpu users are having this issue. And no 375.57 isn't working either.
  6. It's on pre-order at newegg. Available on he 25th.
  7. As i Mentioned earlier, that will be the case with every TB3 based egpu solution. Check out the difference in scores between TB3 Vs. A direct connect via m. 2 using a GTX1080 -
  8. Hmm, even if the Expresscard adapter is getting detected it should show up in the Thunderbolt devices list. Also You can run the latest cards with the TB2 Box as well. I have tested a GTX 1080 with their TB3 HDK -
  9. First things to check : IS you Thunderbolt to Expresscard adapter being detected? Also from the picture i can see that the the CPU 4 Pin isnt plugged in, im not too sure if its necessary or not, but you might want to connect that as well and give it a shot. Make sure you connect it the right way and in the right place. Also after installation, did the thunderbolt application ask you to approve the expresscard adapter? And did you cleanup the drivers with DDU and install new ones after that? Another thing that might have been better is that , instead of doing ExpressCard + TB2 you could have just gone with a TB3 based solution and used that. Something like the Akitio TB2 PCIe box. Would have been much cheaper and easier to setup.
  10. What does the device status say under the cards properties in the device manager?
  11. Gotcha. Will look around. The female port isn't all that much of a big deal, can always rig something up with pins.
  12. Yeah I'm looking for a service manual right now. If I don't find one, I'll just order a good multimeter and an AGA in a week or 2 to test. But I'm still looking for the female end of the connector that is preset on the system end of the AW's.
  13. Any one else having issues running eGPU (M.2NGFF / mPCIE) setups on 372.90 and 373.06 ?
  14. Tell me about, trying to overclock this 1080, is like learning to overclock all over again.
  15. Oh yeah, it would. I meant the Pascal nature of cards.
  16. Im not sure he can get rid of it , since it probably needs access to the EC for proper monitoring and "throttling" But @Prema is a magician
  17. The buzzing from the cards us called coil whine. I haven't experienced any from PSUs.. yet.
  18. Ah, my bad. But the EC thing has been there on the 980's as well. Only thing is that it already comes with the hard mod. I'm guessing GPU Boost 3.0 is the culprit here. Since the cards need access to full thermals and system cooling.
  19. Easy profits, being the first and only supplier of modded 1070's for the P870DM.
  20. That makes sense. The Device to Host actually hovers around 29XX MiB/s when there are not too many tabs in Chrome or im not doing much. Next step is to figure out if its possible to create a powered extension cable/connector. These speeds made me wonder, if the Proprietary AGA connector is just a fancy looking M.2 port extension. Id actually be willing to buy one and tear it down if someone can get me the service manual with the pin outs.
  21. Yeap, working on that. I dont have a great camera at hand right now. But the One M8 will have to do for now Thank you for moving the posts. Was about to PM you about the same.
  22. Gotcha. Figured as much specially after the jump in scores compared to TB3. Im adding content to a thread over at the other place, that shall not be named. Will update the other thread soon after with the benchmarks. Can you please link me to an existing/central thread where members talk about tweaking such setups ?
  23. Here you go good sir - Ill try to do another test over TB3 tomorrow. This is with quite a few USB devices plugged in and the dGPU @ full link speeds.
  24. Yep. in GPUz and NvInspector the link does show up as PCIe 3.0 x4 . Im not sure how much accurate that is, specially since the actual limit is 8GT/s 8Gbps).
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