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  1. ok. managed to hook up gtx 750 ti to Y400 but I had to use early 2017 Nvidia driver though. gonna try gtx 1050 ti next.
  2. didjya use dummy dvi? btw, wut is suitable GPU card if only using internal display?
  3. did the internal display use gt 750m while external display use rx 480?
  4. waiting part is da worse. p/s: still waitin' for y400 non-BL k/b from china.
  5. any updates? idjya manage ta run anything on internal screen?
  6. yup. might start on eGPU when Fall of the Tomb Raider[3rd installment of TB'13 reboot, crossing fingers] is announced. btw, do ya stick the wireless adapter[usb] to lappy or to GDC? curious if GDC could support both GPU & a usb device instantaneously or not.
  7. I_Hate_U_2

    Y400 Overheating

    but the fan noise :headshake:
  8. AFAIK, ya need nvidia gpu card to use internal display. p/s: was gonna do da eGPU thing but postponed when 'm found out Batman AK could run[benchmarked] on mah ol' y400[gt 750m ddr5 2gb Vram, i7-3630qm & 8gb RAM] @ 720 & lowest setting with 30 avg after custom bios flashed & heavy OverClockin'. the rest of the games I owned/wishlisted on Steam could run fine even w/o OC. didn't think 1 game worth the upgrade.
  9. I_Hate_U_2

    Lenovo Y400/Y500 fan mod.

  10. I_Hate_U_2

    Lenovo Y400/Y500 fan mod.

    made a manual switch. but after a couple of hours, I decided it's too ugly. removed the switch & soldered the brown wire. the sound is too loud for a library btw.
  11. I_Hate_U_2

    Lenovo Y400/Y500 fan mod.

    any update?
  12. I_Hate_U_2

    Lenovo Y500 Bios chip location

    noob here. why do ya need ta replace bios chip? broken?

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