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  1. I fully agree with Michael on that one but make sure you buy v1 or v2 and not the v3 because the v3 uses broadcom and doesn't support DDWRT.
  2. Yes the only one that will show up is your gtx 560m or whatever you have.
  3. yes the 3d version does not have optimus. Try a clean install of your drivers, if it still doesn't perform nearly as it should do you might be looking at faulty hardware. 70 and even 60 C is a bit too hot while in idle.
  4. In that case, have you checked your power options? See if it is set to high performance or not.
  5. But if you wanted a cooler to have effect on this one you could put the cooler upside down on top of the keyboard with the fans pulling out hot air This would look pretty stupid though..
  6. As stated above you do have optimus, unless you have the 3D enabled one which doesn't offer optimus. Download gpu-z through this link to monitor temps and clocks on your gpu http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/2173d/GPU-Z.0.6.5.exe When running a gpu demanding application it will show the lowest, average and highest gpu usage.
  7. Hey y'all! Found this forum about a week ago and registered 2 days ago. I've seen a lot of impressive work/mods and usefull tips so far and I'm sure that's not the last of it. Happy to be here! /Rob
  8. That's some crappy scores, have you looked at the nvidia-settings? Under 3d-settings there should be an option that allows you to choose between the integrated gpu and the nvidia one. I've read that it's usually set to auto by default and changing it to nvidias have sorted out the problem for other people. Hope this helps. /Rob
  9. Thanx Xonar for the quick response!
  10. Unless your drivers crash which can occur when using too high clock speeds I think it has to do with your power options.
  11. The main reasons why I would choose Alienware over other manufacturers. 1. Alienware looks amazing, it's a treat just to look at it. I mean they scream TOUCH ME! 2. Upgradable and the bigger ones offers sli/cf. 3. OC friendly. 4. Offers extreme RAM-speeds for a nb.
  12. Hi! I've got a msi gt683dx with a crappy wifi-adapter: intel centrino n-130 Having trouble with the N function not working (constant disconnections when enabled). I have been searching for a giude on how to remove the panel with the touch buttons to acces the card, but with no success. If anyone could give me a brief description on what screws to remove etc it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance /Rob
  13. Would love to try this on my msi but i have to pull my wifi-adapter and drill a hole or two
  14. Worked flawless on my gt683dx! The only thing is I can't seem to find where to change the BCLK to up the cpu a few percent.
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