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  1. How do we revert to the stock BIOS? I have to send the computer in for a warranty issue and don't want any suspicion.
  2. I get the following error "The version of rom file isn't newer than version of bios." I have already installed your unlocked version, now I am trying to install the unlocked/no whitelist version. Please advise.
  3. How hot does that Netgear get? I feel like my Cisco died because it just got so hot =/
  4. I was using the Cisco WRT610N v2 but the 5ghz transmitter seems to be broken. Can anyone recommend an alternative that fully supports DD-WRT and has a USB port?
  5. My employer bought about $100k of these last year for a SAN, at least 20% of them have already failed.
  6. I use this for windows, its free: ReStoring Data SMART Data software
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