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  1. Wow, thats fast degradation!
  2. I agree with prins_carnaval, but also recomend you figure out and plan the flow direction of the loop with your pumps. I have a moderate loop and only needed one pump, i believe the p55 from swiftech, but when i planned and mounted my pump i had the flow through the pump backwards and it complicated my tubing. The general flow from one component to another does not matter so much cuz all of the water/liquid will have the same temp, i say this cuz the temperature difference within the loop will be negligeable as long as the loop is not crazy like Linus's, from LTT, crazy multi PC water loop. Another thing i would suggest is a fan controller setup, some companies sell these as all inclusive units that go into one of your 5.25" front drive bays. On my setup i have 2x240 rads one reervoir directly to feed my pump and a cpu block. For fan coltrol i have a pwm 8fan splitter for my six fans plugged into my cpu fan header and it works good. Except if my cpu load goes over 12% the fans speed up from idle speeds to mid and then at 50% they are at or near full speed so that gets more uncomfortable. At idle they are very quiet and at medium they are slightly uncomfortable at first. If you use a fan controller you can set this so they dont change or if you use fan control software you can make the transitions less abrupt. Either will work but i recomend a fan controller. I guess the last thing for this post is to make sure you are prepared. Water cooling is expensive, troublesome, time-consuming, and quite heavy. On my loop i spent about $900usd and it was mild, i spent about 25hrs on the actual build and similar on the planning. Also all said it probably weighs about 75lbs so deffinately not for LANs.
  3. Man, i feel for stamatisx and 5ourc3. Also its cool to see that unicorns do exist, seeing as most haswell Ks only get to 4.4/4.5 like my self even with crazy cooling and scary voltage. Also im really curious to see how the voltage actually affects the lifetime of the 1.4+ overclocks
  4. Hello all, i am Zach from the Midwest of USA and i have stumbled across this forum when researching laptops namely my AW m15x which i learned to upgrade and modify through svl7's crazy mods and others who sadly my internal memory has dropped. But i am very much so excited to be on this forum cuz of the great people on it!
  5. Hopefully the phone sells well enough that they start making phones with bigger batteries, I hate having to wait around bored because i might need my phones last 15% battery for something important.
  6. Haha, haven't heard anybody ask "can it run crysis" Also im curious to see how light will start to be used in electronic applications as time goes on certainly with fibre optics but also with processors and more odds and ends parts
  7. This looks like an evolution/upgrade of the clevo P75x/P77x DM as Mr. Fox and ssj92 have stated above, which is exciting because although the performance increase between haswell and skylake is largely negligible especially when overclocking as enthusiast do it should be more power efficient from the smaller process and some new features like the virtualization that was dropped on the haswell k versions i believe is back for the skylake k versions. So all in all it should be a nice upgrade for users who were looking for the P75x/P77x DM but hadn't pulled the trigger yet. I for one am quite excited for this continuation of proper desktop replacement notebooks, although sadly excitement never makes up for a lack of cash... XP
  8. I agree with Brian, this is a little bit strange on timing. However they may feel they need just a "bump" in excitement over the current generation of mobile GPUs just until they release pascal so that sales dont waver too much. And seeing as it is the same hardware essentially it would be very cost effective for the slight increase of unlocking a little more than what was on the original.
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