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  1. You are correct...probably not worth delidding that chip....Good candidates are ones that can hit 4.6 @1.2V....If you have a chip that can do that...It might be worth delidding.....Mine also had a very low VID at stock of .95V.... -M
  2. Ok. Thanks. I will try that. Can you explain what is happening from a technical perspective? -M
  3. svl7, I just flashed your r00 bios on my 780 SC ACX....Awesome BIOS! My card is running a +330 offset core (1228 in shown in precision and +700 offset memory) Everything looks great, but about 75% into the Valley benchmark run, the cards framerates drop dramatically and the Power % drops from 80% down to below 50%....Any idea what is happening here? I'm guessing some type of throttle, but that does not make sense if I'm only hitting 80% max.... Any thoughts? Thanks! -M
  4. Delidded my 4770k and temps dropped around 20C. Put in under water and I'm able to hit 5.0Ghz... Here is how I delidded.. -M
  5. Here's mine...new build with M6E Z87 and 4770k @ 5.0ghz
  6. svl7, I have EVGA GTX 780 SC ACX with bios .37. Is it OK to flash your latest Rev 03 bios on this card? -M
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