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  1. maybe i know what the problem is. do you have your Bios set to Legacy Support or UEFI only? some devices might not show up in the boot menu when it's set to UEFI only maybe try setting it to "legacy support" and the setting beneath it that pops up to "UEFI first" you can then open the Boot Menu (f11 or f12 during startup) and then you should be able to see the USB drive. i'm not sure if this tool requires legacy mode because i have to wait a week to get permission to download files, but it may help.
  2. reboot into your bios settings, and make sure the "bios flashback" setting is enabled. you probably have bios version 3.08 or something like i did and have to revert to the older 3.05, which requires you to have the "bios flashback" setting enabled
  3. can anyone send me an alternative link to the files in PM? or can someone send me the files in a PM? i need the bios mod and i really can't wait 2 weeks to get my account promoted :/ my laptop is pretty much useless now my wifi is broken.
  4. set an fps_max on it so your GPU doesn't overhear while gaming, i have the same issue another option is to reset the game config settings, you can remove the Steam/userdata/xxxxxx/730 folder if you delete that cs;go will recreate the default config settings on next run
  5. get a single card, like most people recommend: go for the single card unless there's no single card powerfull enough for your needs, only then i would get SLI or CrossFire, cause in a lot of games it will cause issues or have barely any performance improvement.
  6. yes, photoshop isn't really that cpu heavy any more, so older CPU's like the q9550 will do fine, though using an SSD can always help, but it's not necessary and a core2quad will still suffice.
  7. i'd also get something like a r9 270X to go along with that, or a GTX 950 if you want to have something more power-efficient, but definitely not more powerful than that because your CPU will be bottlenecking it
  8. 970 or a R9 390, i'd personally get the 390 because it does perform slightly better than the 970 (unless it's a game with nvidia technologies like hairworks) but if you want the nvidia technologies the 970 is also a great card, and the AMD cards also have hardware-based Async implementation vs the software based implementation nvidia has, which gives the AMD cards a clear edge in future games using DX12 or Vulkan.
  9. well i personally think a new crash like in the 80's wouldn't be a bad thing for some money-grabbing, DLC pushing game-nerfing DRM-filled game companies that are out there
  10. k3000m is probably better for gaming too.
  11. i prefer cs;go, but for lans with friends CSS is more fun, because they usually bring laptops which don't run cs;go very well
  12. me too, though i'm only rank silver 3 because i stopped playing for a while and mainly play on community servers (with competitive rulesets though)
  13. personally i really like rift, i prefer it over games like WOW and archeAge, haven't really tried out Guild Wars 2 and WildStar but both seem like interesting games
  14. i've been watching Game of Thrones, arrow, the flash and iZombie, i'm now mainly watching GoT waiting for new episodes of the other series, when i'm done with that then i'm probably going to start watching the walking dead
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