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  1. Useful indeed! Thanks for summarising our combined knowledge I am still rocking my 5 years old 300w brick!
  2. Thank you for helping me explain @Doki. @Robigarga 88 In addition to Step #1: To enable the "Testmode" you need to 1. press the windows button and type "cmd" 2. run "cmd" as Administrator 3. type in bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS and hit Enter 4. type in bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON and hit Enter 5. Restart your PC, you will see the watermark Doki mentioned in the right-lower corner on the desktop.
  3. I had a similar situation when I sold my 6970M Crossfire, the buyer installed the cards in the wrong order (master card in slave slot and vice versa). Same behaviour when installing drivers. All that he did was switch GPUs, but it is also possible to flash the vbios correctly. @djdblaster unfortunately I am not familiar with EEPROM. The most helpful advice I could give you: 1. Try older non-Crimson drivers. Same procedure, just uninstall the GPU from device manager again, then when the notebook boots up try to install the driver. You could try to install the original Clevo 7970M driver first, and installing a more recent driver on top of it, if it worked. 2. Contact your friend with the Alienware notebook and flash the card from there.
  4. +1, v1.1 and 1.2 should work perfectly with a compatible vbios. If it runs in your/a friends Alienware, just flash the card from there. You should be able to get a Clevo vbios from your reseller if you ask nicely. *Edit: If it doesn't seem to boot, it is worth waiting 15min before restarting manually. You may then proceed to flash the Clevo vbios on your actual Clevo machine, too. I know that some 680Ms did not post instantly, but posted after ~15min, according to Prema.
  5. sirana

    CLEVO P170HM Grafik

    The only thing that fixed it was uninstalling the GPU in device manager, guaranteed, haha.
  6. sirana

    CLEVO P170HM Grafik

    Please try my method. Don't uninstall the drivers. Uninstall the Graphics card in Device Manager.
  7. sirana

    CLEVO P170HM Grafik

    Alright so my input: I doubt your card is toast. I had lots of bluescreens upon booting my PC back when I had my AMD 6970M's in my x7200. Solution: Boot into safemode, open Device Manager, find your AMD card under Display Adapters, right-click on it and select "Uninstall". Click yes if it asks you to delete drivers. Then you should be able to reboot and start your PC normally, to install fresh drivers.
  8. You need to get promoted through quality posts first (or through purchasing membership).
  9. No, it's a Clevo one, haha. MSI vbios' worked for me as well, but were not as stable and had some downclocking issues at times.
  10. The best and most stable for me was Clevo 680m - 'OCedition' revised_01
  11. I specifically said you have two options. 1. Get promoted through good (quality) posts (5 or 10 posts) or 2. buy membership. Just go for option 1 and post some meaningful replies to some threads.
  12. Of course you can not download it. You have to get promoted first, as I said in my first reply...
  13. If you fail the flash you brick the GPU and make it unusable until you blindflash it back. You have to know what you are doing, but that's why svl7 has written his guide on how to flash properly.
  14. Did Prema ever build a 680M vbios? I was under the impression that only svl7 did so. Anyway, his OC_01vbios rocks.
  15. Honestly I would flash svl7's overclocking vbios that also resolves throttle issues. You need to get promoted for that though, either through quality posts or becoming a premium member of this forum.
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