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  1. I'm using 2 4GB Ramaxel 1600Mhz CL11 sticks. Lowering the frequency seemed to help, but after messing around with the BCLK I can say it is working the same way like on 1600Mhz - it's just a lottery. And maybe I wasn't too clear about the ME being tied to a particular laptop. I meant that if user A has a laptop A and user B also has a laptop A, their ME's are identical. Actually there are 2 Lenovo Y50-70 revisions, one has i7 4710MQ CPU and the other one has an i7 4720HQ. It seems like the first one uses HM86 chipset, and the second one runs on HM87. They use the same BIOS packages and they share ME, but as it turns out, one can have its BCLK unlocked, and the other one can't.
  2. After a day of "experimenting" and nearly bricking my laptop I'm quite confused with the BCLK stuff. One time I seem to be able to get 104Mhz, then 100.5 hard crashes the laptop. Is there a thing I'm missing or it just behaves like that on Hsw chipsets?
  3. Just flash it, ME isn't tied to particular laptop. Yes, it's smaller than the flash size(probably lacks the padding or sth), but it flashes fine.
  4. Nah, actually after reducing memory frequency to 1333Mhz(can't change timings) it allowed me to set 103Mhz BCLK and pass a few minutes of Prime95. I haven't tried increasing it more, but I'm pretty sure it overclocks exactly as it should.
  5. Sooo I decided to fiddle with BCLK OC on my Haswell-based Lenovo Y50 and I've managed to unlock the ME to enable the slider in Intel XTU. I'm attaching the one I've created, you can use BCLK from 90 to 120, either set it using BIOS or XTU. Now, to my overclocking results, I've got a mind-blowing 0.5236Mhz increase, which equals about 0.5% of performance increase. Great stuff worth every minute I spent on it. Actually, it's probably because I'm using the pre-installed Ramaxel RAM, which is just bad. lenovoy5070me.bin
  6. If anybody wants, I can: 1. add additional tabs in the BIOS(mainly advanced and power tabs) 2. remove Wi-Fi whitelist 3. unlock GPU OC limits, allow for voltage change up to 1.2V 4. change BIOS splash screen logo to your provided one. Price? Absolutely free (no need for donations, etc.) , just PM me with your BIOS.
  7. @iAchilles The VCCIN is usually 1.75V, doesn't matter if it's desktop or laptop. I've never seen values other than that You can try going lower, just remember to keep a 0,4 delta between the core voltage and the VCCIN, for example if your vcore is 1,1, the lowest VCCIN you should use is 1,5V.
  8. @iAchilles If the battery is at 100%, the CPU can reach 58 Watts, so that allows for 3.6Ghz@all cores. You can try setting core VCCIN to 1.75V and using PowerCut, that will allow for any multiplier because it wil hack the power reporting, so it won't trigger PL1 or PL2. Anyway, the setting doesn't stick after reboots and is basiccally a huge hack, so use it with caution. C7s section can be helpful in getting more battery life, and TPL is only needed when you overvolt your CPU. I've tried undervolting the GPU on Clevo vBIOS and I've managed to get it to 1.09V(minimal voltage allowed). The max overvolt limit on the other hand is 1.2V, but it didn't really help me much, because after certain frequency my GPU starts erroring out in OCCT and no overvoltage helps it. Doesn't matter if on my modded vBIOS or the Clevo one, it just hits a hard limit of the GPU silicone quality itself. I still don't know how to unlock undervolting using my modding knowledge (I only know how to unlock core clock slider + voltage up to 1.2V).
  9. @iAchilles Dang, you got me. I lied about the frequency, thought nobody will notice :< I'm joking obviously. I never understood how 3dmark calculates the max turbo freq, but in reality the max turbo clock is set to 3.8Ghz. I've also attached some screens of my settings in TS as you asked before. I've changed my cache undervolt to -100mV instead of -125, because it crashed one time and undervolting cache doesn't really help that much. Just wanted to say - my settings won't give you maximum overclocking - my setup is designed to be quite balanced, so I'm conservative when it comes to CPU stuff. To get the most out of your CPU you should downgrade your microcode to 01,02 or remove the microcode updates completely, and then use TS to raise the voltage and overclock to insane freqs. Yet to my way of thinking without extra cooling it's pointless because the temperatures shoot through the roof when going over 4ghz and it requires insane amounts of voltage.
  10. I'm using ThrottleStop to do it. Throttling isn't a problem at 3.6Ghz, especially with undervolting, which substantially lowers the temps. Basically if you have temps that are good enough, throttling will only occur at 4.0+Ghz where you have to raise the voltage and VRM temp throttling kicks in. That's why I settled on 3.8Ghz. @EDk-TheONE The thing is I didn't really try overclocking it to extreme core clocks since I finally learned how to unlock the vBIOS properly(not just forcing the clocks with MBT). I don't think the drivers differ in overclocking, because I'm getting artifacts at the same clocks as before. Actually my modded one allows for a bit more voltage so probably I could get even more points in 3Dmark but it's just pointless if it's nowhere near my stable clocks.
  11. @iAchilles http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/13106042 Settings for reference: CPU: OC'd to 3.8 Ghz single core/ 3.6 quad core. -80mV core, - 125mV cache, microcode v20 from June 2016. GPU: Core: 1401Mhz Mem: 3005Mhz.
  12. @EDk-TheONE As far as I remeber I got it to 1480 core and 3005 mem clock at 1.87V. Anyway, it was only for the benchmark, these settings artifact heavily when used outside 3Dmark.
  13. Could anyone help me with unlocking this vBIOS of 960M, because apparently my modification attempts don't really work. I've found some unlocked vBIOSes for this GPU by furiously googling, and one made for Clevo and another random one worked for me and I had my 135mhz limit removed. Yet I wanted to do it the most clean way to avoid any possible issues, so I tried editing my BIOS according to the changes done in the ones I mentioned - and even with the same changes, it didn't work. I even tried changing the Vendor ID from Lenovo to nVidia, but it didn't help at all. Did Lenovo implement other locks or what? I just want to know what am I missing. lenovo960M.ROM
  14. @EDk-TheONE http://www.3dmark.com/fs/8322052 This is what's possible with a bit of voltage increase + overclock using MBT (if I remember correctly it was around 1500mhz core on this one). Scores should be identical with the Prema modded BIOS - it's just a cleaner and more convenient solution. EC is extractable from Lenovo BIOSes (the full ones on Lenovo website). I don't know how to mod it though, but I'm attaching it just to help people with 3.03 BIOSes and 1.14EC's. @Kamalnath93
  15. Welp, I just wanted to do a little update on the overclocking stuff. It's quite a big one this time https://imgur.com/31rtEXV THIS ISN'T MY WORK, I'M USING A PREMA MODDED VBIOS COURTESY OF @Prema One can use Clevo W230SD/Sager NP7339 vBIOSes (NOT SYSTEM BIOSES) with our Y50 (960M version), which means we can use Prema modded vBIOS extracted form his BIOS mod here: https://biosmods.wordpress.com/w230sd-np7339/ REMEMBER, THE FACT THAT IT CAN BE DONE DOESN'T MEAN IT'S SAFE OR SUITABLE FOR DAILY USE. FOR NOW IT'S A CRAZY EXPERIMENT THAT WAS FUELED BY DESPERATION AND IT HAS TO BE TREATED WITH CAUTION. EVEN PREMA HIGHLIGHTS THE FACT THAT THE VBIOSES SHOULDN'T BE USED ON DIFFERENT HARDWARE THAN THE ONE THEY WERE MADE FOR. Tbh it didn't blow my laptop so far, but better safe than sorry. By using his mod you will gain unlocked core clocks, controllable voltage up to 1,2V and few other things. The complete set of instructions (it's vague for a reason, so inexperienced people learn about the procedures before diving into it ;)) ec.bin
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