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  1. Hi, I have some questions about egpu. My laptop is lenovo y50-70 with i7-4710HQ and maxwell 860m. I made some cooling upgrade and can run on 3.5 ghz all the time at 100% (on stress test max temp. is 78 C). In past I could run about 3.0 and temp. was 90 C. And the gpu has poor preformance for this cpu. So I am thinking about egpu. I have only one PCI-e 2.0 x1(wifi), so bandwidth is 5 GT/s. How will eGPU work on this port? Will it make big diffrence than 860m(maxwell)? Or it will bottleneck a lot, because of the slow x1 PCI-e 2.0 slot? And if its worth, then what gpu is best? Amd or Nvidia? I would not buy it right now, but maybe in Q2 or Q3 2018, but want to know. PS: I will use external monitor for sure.
  2. Hi, I would like to report really weird bug. My laptop is lenovo y50-70 with i7 4710HQ. Techinferno website is freezing whole pc after while (need hard reset pc). It is happening to me, if I have deleted windows microcode (to unlock unlimited cpu multiplier). But when I am using windows microcode its working fine. But I found out, that it doesnt happend only when windows microcode is deleted, becuase one guy reported, that it also happening on MSI with i5 4200M and he never touched cpu mircocode. But we have one thing in common and that is cpu generation (haswell). So its probably problem with intel 4th gen (haswell). And he said, that its started happening aproximetly 3 months ago, so it can be something, when you was including the cryptocurrency miner? All others websites and everything on pc work fine.
  3. Oh, ok. Done. Really thanks you for help. Other things resolve via email.
  4. I cant find it. Where did you send it? EDIT: Now I received an email with bios. So thanks for help.
  5. I have bios 3.03 now, where is locked eeprom. But i can Downgrade to bios 1.14, where is unlocked eeprom, then i can flash bios with the mod.
  6. Hi, i have lenovo y50-70 with gtx 860M (4GB). I did overclocked my gpu for +135 core and +695 memory in NvidiaInspector. Its stable and temperature is ok. I want overclock my core clock more and find my best option and performance. But overclocking core is locked for +135 max. Is possible to unlock it? I heard something about vbios mod, but i don't know much about modding bios. And i couldn't find bios(vbios) mod for lenovo y50-70. Can you help me with that? Thanks in advance for your help. I can donate to someone, who will help me.
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