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  1. Well guys I have a severe issue, after powering down my NUC, I can't get it running anymore. Black screen not even if I plug the HDMI cable directly it just rebooting without any screen. Asking now on Intel support site, but I gues it's another of eGPU issues. Will keep you updated as at this moment I can't use the pc anymore Update 15.12. needed to unplug the battery to reset BIOS no other option was possible, all working again
  2. Update from my side, I have now the eGPU set up, NUC Canyon and Akitio3 with Gigabyte itx 1060, the card fits well iniside, but its taller than the case, I will need to manage that by either cutting out the case or getting a custom case as soon as I download the benchmark will let you know the results. No issues installing or running it, except for what ever reason there are 2 monitors detected now while I have only one, my set up is from NUC to Akitio via TB3 and from GPU to Monitor via HDMI cable Update2 3 729 IN Time Spy (V1.0)
  3. To be honest I make my DYI eGPU from Thunder3, but I would not recommend that to any one, its a lot of money for the Akitio, for the NUC, and in the end you have 2 powerbricks, the Dell brick for the Akitio is humongous, you need custom cables, sure you can buy them as I did, here from members on the forum, but if you are buying a laptop, my personal suggest buy one with thunderbolt and GTX 1060 the difference between desktop and mobile is today negligible, and wait till a really good eGPU will hit the market, with the 1060 you will be totaly covered for years considering you dont want to play 4k, which on a NTB is a overkill, in that case I would rather buy a OLED NTB, but this is just my view, and frankly I have a different used case, build around the NUC skull canyon, but even then today I would buy the Zotac mangus 1070.
  4. its unfortunate that you have to switch cables then, but I assume no one is much carrying the cases around any way
  5. Fire Strike Extreme GPU score: Midtower @ PCIe 3.0 x16 - 6482/100% NUC with PE4C V4.1 @ PCIe 3.0 x4 - 6016/92.81% NUC with Akitio Node output by eGPU @ PCIe 3.0 x4 - 5707/88.04% NUC with Akitio Node output by iGPU @ PCIe 3.0 x4 - 3890/60.01% wow a loss of up to 40% of power over TB3 that is terrible, and I expect since its not in the CPU directly but its in trough the Intel Alpine Ridge thunderbolt controller that this will mean lattencies, so from what you show, eGPU is quile below GPU.
  6. Congrats !!! I have the Thunder3 will buy as well a 1060 6GB and will as well hang it on a NUC, so as soon as I get my GPU will make a test and we can compare, I expect to have a lower performance, due to the Thunder3, with 2 ports and one Display port, but the question is by how much we will see. I'm glad your works well.
  7. Small update, while I'm waiting for the GPU, I just made my first object in 123D, watched yesterday a tutorial and made today a new case for the Thunder 3, the idea is to print it readjust until it fits, will take me a while as I dont yet a 3D printer, any way, here is the draft. (it will need several prints till it will be ready since it will shrink and I dont know by how much, not sure how the bracing and perforated writing really will help with thermal issues)
  8. My Akitio Thunder3 arrived today, powered it up, my NUC recognized something is in the Thunderbolt, so far so good, now waiting for the cables and GPU will keep you updated
  9. a bechmark of the two would be nice, I got my Thunder3 today, but have to wait for a GPU, so I will not be able to contribute any time soon, as well still waiting for cables to the DELL brick
  10. Coming back to my argument of the Akitio Thunde3 vs Thunder3 Note, I personaly ordered the Thunder3 for its smaller size, I have the Dell brick and wait for the cables, but here is what I mend with the argument the Thunder 3 Note is just too big, and that I could have a complete ITX computer in there, if you dont trust me on that, you might be convinced by Linus: not sure abou the exact size, but will not really differ from the Razor, Devil, Alienware or Akitio eGPU cases, would even say its smaller than some of them, and here you have it, this will be for sure cheaper than any mini PC plus eGPU.
  11. Good, ordered my Thunder3 today, had to do if from Germany as no one is selling those in my area, hope it will be fine, will not be able to test it soon, missing the GPU and it will take me a while till I get one. But will let you know. Rally hope it will work. So and I did order the Thunder3 PCI, not the eGPU from Akitio, its just too big for my itx GPU that I'm looking for, the cables to the dell power brick are custom made by a member here in the forum, so as soon as I get the pieces will share some pictures here
  12. Anyone build the Thunder3? This guy here on youtube claims akitio thunder3 is not supporting GPU due to kernel issue: (go to 6:53 min to hear him saying that)
  13. @Morv - ok I should may be describe my used case, I have a gaming notebook, but I realized 1. I used it any way mostly for media consumption, its heavy and drains battery, so I realized I prefer my tablet for media consumption over the notebook. I travel mostly between 2 locations, on my primary I have a widescreen monitor, and on my second I have none. So portability for me is not playing in train or on the way but using it in one of my locations, exceptionally in a hotel room during travel, so what I need is to fit it to my backpack with my business laptop. That is why I have the NUC, its small and light, even with the power brick, I dont need another NTB. I bought the NUC from the begging with the intention to use a eGPU, but I need that to be portable, as for the monitor I use now a IPS panel I have from my older Notebook, I took it out and bought the pcb with the inputs to power it and HDMI in. Still I will get the ASUS 15" IPS usb powered mobile FHD monitor, that will be my portable monitor, it will nicely fit my notebook bag, any way I use at least two monitors for work so having another monitor for my business travel makes sense, besides my gaming plans So as you can see I'm looking for a sort of compact (backpack fitting) mobile solution) the only alternative I could think off, that is portable and powerfull would be the Zotac Magnus 1070, but I already have the NUC, so what I'm looking for is a really compact eGPU, something like the Wolf eGPU on kickstarter was, I dont need a 1080 to run 4k since I dont have a 4k monitor, nor I want one - prefer ultrawide over 4k, so the top I would need is a 1070 which exists in ITX format, but to be honest with my setting a 1060 will do just fine, again ITX, there is just no need for me to have a full size card. And again should I have to go for the Thunder3 Note, I rather sell what I have and get a really small miniITX core I5 with a ITX 1070, the case would still fit my backpack, adding the portable monitor, and still be better of than Thunder3 Notes big case, which I dont see as portable, at all. Sure that is just my personal preference, since I have this used case.
  14. Hi I have the Intel NUC BOXNUC6i7KYK2 - meaning skull canyon
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