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  1. sry for my english How much is the efficiency of egpu cards? and thks for the aswers
  2. as income takes egpu to the graphics card ?
  3. good staff first of all I apologize for my English. It is so, I have one toshiba with an i7 3610QM with 16 GBddr3 and the RX480 4gb, and I do not know because I can not take good advantage of it without lag in games like gta 5 or battelfield both in maximum as minimum, fps are low, and even rise, sudden breaks occur. I have updated drivers and all right but the pc that I should give to play without breaks even if it was at least. Please help
  4. but @Tech Inferno Fan , they offered me a RX480 4 gb not have to buy a nvidia . continues to say the same "Microsoft Basic Adapter" for both cards even after the DDU with this graphic please help
  5. when i press to off , stay with thiz freeze and when i start up the windows say that " Microsoft Basic Adapter"
  6. sry for my english. I canto turn off dgpu , when i press, stay in black screen with setence " disabling dgpu and nothing more :/
  7. hi all already bought the software nando yet not I get by giving the graphic . Recognize something but not the graphics . The error is this microsft basic adapter " I leave here one print please help me
  8. if I'm asking is because they do not know much, and I want to join to the community to see if I realize it was not for evil so I asked for where it is possible to order the egpu, speaks in portable brand and not toshiba. And even here in the forum, there's no section for this brand hence my doubts. I have a Toshiba LP850-13D and wanted to get a GTX 690 4G, it is possible?
  9. good guys, I see here a lot of information on laptops and brands but nothing to speak of Toshibas. DIY e-GPU Setup 1.3 works on toshiba?
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