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    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    @Zakyn On the website you mentioned above, it says that minimum order is 7 pcs. Did you order 7 pcs, or there was possibility to order just one? Wish you good luck in your project.

    T410i GPU or Screen Problem?

    You can try to connect any external monitor, if you have one. If picture will be the same - it is a problem of GPU. Also you may try to check internal screen connector.
  3. @Donz7733Undervolting of GPU is done by software NVidia Inspector (I'm also using it for undervolting). You can download and install this software and try to undervolt your GPU. If it is not possible - probably you need to flash your bios like in the first post manual. As you don't like to undervolt Ultrabay GPU (or maybe you don't have it at all), it is not necessary to flash VBios from second post of this topic (because it is only for SLI users).

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    @Swung Huang Acrylic looks incredible! RGB illumination would be a beautiful attachment)

    mSata SSD with Y510p

    On my Y510P I'm using Transcend MTS400 128GB M.2 drive and it is running very well for 3 years already, working fast and never had any problems with it. On our laptop the only length of M.2 which will fit is 42mm (currently known as 2242 type). At the moment, the maximum capacity that I could find is 240 GB with price of approx. 110 USD.

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    Hello everyone. As I understood for now there is no more Ultrabay adapters for sale, I'm too late. If somebody will have success in creating one, I will be glad to buy one. I was late to buy one because I was quite happy with performance of GT755 SLI, but some time ago my Ultrabay card died. I was playing DA Inquisition, and suddenly my laptop switched off and I could hear, that my PSU is ticking (seems to be short circuit protection) and I couldn't start again my laptop with Ultrabay card inside again. There wasn't any smoke or bad smell, so I just hope that it's fault of Ultrabay card and not of Motherboard.. Maybe somebody have ideas how to check this out? Unfortunately I cannot check it with other Ultrabay card because there is no such for sale, or if there is - they cost too expensive (price about of GTX 1050).. @geraldCould you please PM me the schematics too? I will ask some PCB building companies at my place (if I will find any..), is somebody able to create one too.Thank you very much. @Zakyn Good luck with creating your own Ultrabay adapter!

    Y500/Y510P spring mod with spacer guide

    Don't laugh.. Russia made КПТ-8. I used it always for my PC-s (because is not expensive, but still is OK). And seems like for laptop is not a good choise, so maybe when I have time, I'll by some more professional paste.

    Y500/Y510P spring mod with spacer guide

    Cutting was quite easy to make, I really just used one file to do so. I did cut that plastic around the Ultra-bay videocard, drilled nicely some holes (so it looks like original, huh) in lower cover of laptop (where the fan of Ultra-Bay is situated), cut out some plastic around copper pipes from CPU. After that temperatures for the Ultra-Bay were quite good, not reaching more than 89-92 degrees (before 95-97 stable in heavy games). But it was not enough for me, and I did repasting and Spacer mod for both Motherboard and Ultrabay. Funny thing...now Ultra-Bay have lower temperature mostly, than main Videocard, and CPU now looks like heating also more.. interesting for me, if the reason is bad quality of thermalpaste or Spacer mod. But still, it does not reaching more than 90 deg C, so it's OK. Keep monitoring now, later hope to make Bios Mod and try undervolting also.

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