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  1. Thanks. I recently tested my 7970M on 3dmark 11. It can barely score 6100 on graphic. I think it is a little bit lower than normal 7970M can achieve. The drive is 13.11beta, bios is 015.022. I heard that Dell bios will decrease the card frequency when the temperature beyond 60C. I assume that is the problem. Will the clevo bios have some improvement? Thank again.
  2. Hi. A quick question. Can I use it to flash dell 7970m on m18x r2? Thanks
  3. Hi guys I just try to flash my 18xr2 from official a10 to the unlocked version. I have followed all the procedures posted by svl7. After flashing, I reboot and go to the bios. I found it had been unlocked! However, when I try to start windows, the system just lag in a second, shows a blue screen very quick, and start to reboot...... I change back forward Legancy or UEFI boot mood. The system still just reboot again and again when trying to start windows My windows is win7 ultimate. Please, help me... Thanks - - - Updated - - - It seems has been solved...... I found that with the bios update, the sata operation has been auto changed to Raid.... Now, I changed to ACHI, it works now!!
  4. Quick newbie questions: Can I buy CC for a dell refurbished M18x r2? It is now having 1 year normal warranty till 11/2014
  5. Which m17x do you have? 660M is kind of outdated, right now. Why don't you consider 680M? I recommend upgrade to 7970m. It has similar performance as 680m, but at least two times cheaper.
  6. Thanks guys. Yes, I know they are same chassis, that is why I am planning to buy the 750m ultrabay for 15''. But still, do I need to flash bios or vbios, or both? THanks
  7. Bump.... Help needed. Thanks
  8. Hi all. I saw now the 750m ultra bay is available in Lenovo website. It is for the 15'' like y510p. After some research, I found that for 650m version, the GN36(15'') can be fitted in Y400, just some change on the adapter. (Resource:¹ØÓÚY400°²×°GN36ÏÔ¿¨µÄÎÊÌâ_±Ê¼Ç±¾°É_°Ù¶ÈÌù°É Though is in Chinese). So I think it should be possible to fit 750m in y400or y410p. But I don't know if the bios of these two supports SLI or not. Any suggestions? Thanks
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